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AUTO RACING: Racing heats up as Bemidji Speedway cools down

Auto Racing

AUTO RACING: Racing heats up as Bemidji Speedway cools down


After closing week’s top-notch heat and humidity, racers and lovers alike felt comfort on Sunday, July 21, as northwest breezes and temperatures in the mid-70s cooled a close-to-complete grandstand and 81 drivers at Bemidji Speedway. The speedway will require subsequent host the Roth RV Pure Stock, unique with Wissota Pure Stocks racing for expanded handbags on Sunday, July 28. The Wissota Super Stocks will take the nightoff, and the Outlaw Mini Mods will first appear on the track in 2019. Racing starts at five p.m.

Bemidji Mini Stock Feature

Nic Jessen took an early lead, observed by Connor Drewry, Nic Jacobson, Shannon George, and Jake Geschwill. Track conditions have been very speedy because the pinnacle four of Jessen, Drewry, George, and Jacobson created distance between themselves and the field. Jacobson observed the quick lane on a single-document restart, exceeded interior into second, and then dueled door-to-door with Jessen. Jacobson powered by using the leader on the next lap and raced to his first-ever win. He was followed by employing Jessen, Conrad Schwinn, George, and John Current.

Auto Racing

Wissota Pure Stock Feature

Polesitter Donahue Wittner grabbed the lead, with Travis Olafson, Bonnie Farrington, Josh Berg, and Jared Miller chasing him to begin the second function. Berg found a quick line on a restart and roared into the lead, with Kevin Baumgarner following into second and Miller 1/3 before every other warning waved. Racing resumed following a few cautions as Berg and Baumgarner reached a large lead. Dusty Caspers stuck and passed Miller for fourth, finishing as Berg held his function to take the win. Baumgarner, Austin Carlson, Caspers, and Miller were pinnacle-five finishers.

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature

Zack Jackson raced to the lead within the next characteristic observed, employing Matt Fullerton, Jeff Reed, Brandon Bahr, and Ryan Schow. Skyler Smith became at the pass following a caution, passing Schow for fourth. Smith continued his assault at the leaders by racing interior to skip Bahr for 0.33 and Reed for 2nd.
Another caution positioned Reed within the pits for repairs and him again on the rear of the field. On the restart, Smith once more dove low and grabbed the lead from Jackson. Smith took the checkers with Bahr, Dean Eggebraaten, Ryan Schow, and Tyler Schow inside the top five.

Wissota Modified Feature

Nathan Sletto and Scott Engholm led Mike MacAdams, Josh Beaulieu, and Chad Dyrdahl to the inexperienced flag within the Wissota Modified feature. Engholm chased Sletto for some laps, after which they dove low within the three/four corners and drove onto the front directly inside the lead. The laps flew by way of the fast music led through Engholm with Beaulieu now on his rear bumper and racing with the leader. But Engholm had in no way received before this race, and he wasn’t about to give up on this one. He held his line and powered through the checkered flag for his first-ever win. Beaulieu, Tim Jackson, Sletto, and Dyrdahl brought domestic pinnacle-five honors.

Wissota Super Stock Feature

Brandon Bahr moved from his B mod into his terrific stock for the next feature, starting on the pole. Out of doors, Dalton Carlson took the lead from Bahr at the front directly and was observed by Matt Sparby, Tim Carlson, Bahr, and Harley Kroening. Bahr soon pulled into the infield with mechanical problems as Tim Carlson raced as much as assignment Dalton Carlson and Sparby. With the green flag once more waving after a caution, Dalton Carlson and Sparby battled facet through aspect for the lead; however, it was Carlson’s race to win as he took the checkered flag ahead of Sparby. Tim Carlson turned into 1/3 with Al Sadek Jr. And Kroening inside the pinnacle 5.
Wissota Mod Four Feature

Dean Shaver managed the lead early within the feature, accompanied by Fran Hauber, Garrett Mazurka, Jess Geesey, and Blake Erickson. After a crash, Adam Prieve breaks up several motors up the center to pressure into 2nd from his fourth-row beginning role. Prieve continued his assault to the front, passing Shaver in turn one.
Another warning slowed the race, and Geesey took benefit, passing Shaver for 2nd simultaneously as Erickson accompanied into 0.33. Prieve, as soon as out front, never regarded lower back and collected another characteristic win. Geesey, Erickson, Shaver, and Hauber completed in pinnacle five.

Wissota Hornets Feature

Travis Olafson and Brennan Schmidt led the Wissota Hornets to the inexperienced flag for the nighttime’s last characteristic. Schmidt raced to the lead with Jared Miller, Olafson, Andy Hanson, and Jordan Thayer. The two leaders, Schmidt and Miller, started lapping slower visitors but maintained their positions out front. Schmidt held his line, and his result was declaring another characteristic win.

Miller, Olafson, Hanson, and Peyton Edelman finished in the top 5 to quit another incredible nighttime racing at Bemidji Speedway. However, most of the top 5 have been disqualified following publish-race tech inspections. That moved Jordan Thayer into the winner’s function. Wade Schmidt was forced into 2d with Ross Magnuson at 0.33 and Malikai Wilson at fourth. All others had been disqualified.

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