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Auto racing: Unity Raceway to open again this summer time

Auto Racing

Auto racing: Unity Raceway to open again this summer time


Greg Veinote of Newburgh has agreed to hire the power from music proprietor Ralph Nason. Veinote, 53, hopes to have the ability — the beginning of stock vehicle racing in Maine — open through the quiet of June with an alternative to buying the track in the future. We started on this complete element final summer,” Veinote stated. “We were thus far apart on an actual purchase price that it took a while. But I’m of the attitude that if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it with the purpose that I’m going to buy it.” Neither Veinote nor Nason might expose financial details of the settlement, even though Veinote stated he has now not paid a deposit.

It’s an aggregate deal,” Nason said. “I’m nevertheless the landowner, but Greg will do what he does with it.” What Veinote does with it is going to be non-conventional, as a minimum, with the aid of Maine’s automobile racing requirements. With tracks in Wiscasset, Oxford, Hermon, and Scarborough all providing weekly vehicle racing programs on asphalt ovals at some stage in the summertime, Veinote plans to take a much broader view of the assets. In addition to four- and six-cylinder racing divisions making use of the present race track and the music’s infield, occasions will make a probable variety from lawnmower races and tractor pulls to other types of motorsports amusement. Car indicates and cruise nights, in addition to a different circle of relatives-oriented activities, also are in play, Nason and Veinote stated.

“Right now, it’s known as Unity Raceway. However, I need it to be called Unity Raceway and Fairgrounds,” said Veinote, who hopes to hold about 5 or six racing events this season. “I’ve been busy getting absolutely everyone in order. It’s going to take a big attempt on our part to make the whole lot pop out the way I want and make human beings proud to drive past Unity Raceway again.” Veinote and Nason have previously completed enterprise collectively. In 2007, Veinote sold Spud Speedway in Caribou from Nason before promoting it to Troy Haney much less than three years later. At the time, Spud Speedway has been dormant for almost seven years.

Auto Racing

Nason embraces the belief that something one of a kind is needed at the track, which opened for stock automobile racing in 1948. Nason of Unity offered the tune in 1980. “You need to have something in which humans don’t need to spend 30 grand for a race vehicle to race for 22 greenbacks (in handbag cash),” Nason stated. “The coin is lopsided as hell. If you could convey it lower back to something in which people can come as a circle of relatives unit, have a blast, go home speaking about it, and didn’t spend a whole week’s paycheck to do it, they’re going to come returned.

Nason agreed to promote Unity Raceway to Benton’s George Fernald in 2016. Fernald’s plan turned into returning the music to its authentic dirt oval while completing some of the capital upgrades to the existing centers. When his health declined, Fernald had to replace the song with Nason. Following the completion of the 2017 season, Fernald commenced grinding up the race tune’s asphalt surface to get to the authentic clay under it. Approximately 3-quarters of the surface, because it now stands, has been torn up.

Veinote doesn’t view the current condition of the song as a detriment. “A lot of people want to observe the mountains in front of them. However, I choose to study the mountains I’ve already flown over,” said Veinote, who owns a commercial aviation enterprise with his father, in addition to a creative enterprise. “It’s a multitude there right now; it is. But it’s also an open slate to do something one-of-a-kind than any other race music within u. S. A. Is doing.” As quickly as the winter snow melts.

Veinote will move in the gadget to also grind the asphalt right into a granular surface for racing on. It’s a pass among asphalt and dust known as aggregate. “I’m now not sure if it’s going to paintings, but it’s were given plenty better threat than (as a conventional stock vehicle racing facility) that has a fifteen,000 nut simply to open the vicinity up,” Nason stated.

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