England’s Suzy Petty hopes to assist GB hockey crew make it to Olympics


Suzy Petty is in a strangely stressful role. The 27-year-old has pressured her manner into the Great Britain girls’ hockey group. As they’re the Olympic champions one may assume they need to be getting set for Tokyo but, thanks to the condensed, fraught nature of qualification for next yr’s Games in hockey, the next few weeks are possibly to be the most nerve-racking of her carrying existence.
“It is an actual strain to qualify and that’s why I don’t absolutely like speaking approximately it,” Petty says. “We don’t have some other opportunity to qualify. It’s both the European Championships – if you win that, you pass – or it’s this Olympic qualifier fit.
“We haven’t had a risk to qualify yet, so we’re going out to the Euros to win. If we don’t do that, although, we ought to go to the next step. It’s big. There are matches lower back-to-returned, Saturday than Sunday, and whoever wins is going.”

To complicate topics in addition, Petty will go to the European Championships representing England. Any qualification for the Games with the aid of that direction, with the tournament starting on sixteen August, will be done by an element on behalf of the entire. The Olympic play-offs, however, might be contested as Team GB.
“At the moment, like England, we do see ourselves because the GB team,” Petty says. “As an England group, we experience the pressure of qualifying. But we’re a GB program, so we have talked about those two games. We’ve had beyond athletes who have been thru the process are available in and talk us through their stories.”
The program Petty mentions is another vital aspect. Funding from UK Sport is, as with every Olympic area, depending on fulfillment. Victory over the path of the summer season is imperative now not just to verify the champions’ attendance in Tokyo but to safeguard the health of the sport.
“We’re very focused on keeping our funding,” says Petty, “as in, we want to do well in Tokyo and we know that. The centralized program has simply been the making of the sport. We’re very conscious that we’re so privileged to be obtainable. It’s made us higher as a crew and we’re aware that we need to provide all the youngsters coming through the opportunity to become a complete-time athlete.

“Then obviously there’s the part of inspiring all of the kids [who won’t turn pro]. We virtually played at the Stoop weeks in the past and were given 12,000 people, which simply suggests how far hockey has come in the beyond few years. It changed into truely awesome and I think, as a squad, we do all that we can to ensure the kids see and want to interact with the sport.”
Petty’s own private objectives don’t spring to the fore while she speaks; she is satisfied to place the collective first. But she is aware of what a special possibility an Olympics presents after seeing her housemate, Laura Unsworth, triumph in 2016.
“I lived with Laura earlier than she went to Rio,” Petty says. “I assume whilst you’re no longer a part of it and you’re just looking on television you watched, ‘Oh, the Olympics are on; that’s truly cool.’
“But if you have clearly packed a person’s bags and gone to the airport with them and 4 weeks later they come back with a medal – and a gold one at that – it adjustments matters. It’s some thing you don’t actually assume is manageable, however, whilst you’re that close, you watched, ‘Goodness, I could really do that.’ To try this, to take part in some thing I watched after I was two or 3 years old and to go with any such top-notch group of girls, that could make it without a doubt special.”

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