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Former martial arts trainer discovered guilty of sexual abuse

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Former martial arts trainer discovered guilty of sexual abuse


EUGENE, Ore. — A jury discovered Gerald Strebendt of Springfield guilty of 2d-diploma sexual abuse following a six-day trial.
Strebendt could be sentenced Friday at 1:30 p.M. At Lane County Circuit Court. He was taken into custody after the decision changed into reach.
The former martial arts trainer turned into observed guilty of sexually abusing an underage girl athlete he had coached at a martial arts fitness center in Eugene.
Strebendt had worked as a morning trainer at the former 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in Eugene. He is also a former marine.
In May 2015, Strebendt pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide for capturing and killing David Crofut, fifty-three, in a street rage incident on Bob Straub Parkway in Springfield. Strebendt claimed the shooting changed into self-defense, and he becomes sentenced to five years in prison, followed by way of 3 years on parole.
A senior police officer has stated the satisfactory manner to deal with a knife attacker is to “run away as fast you can”, after a Tory MP advised kids should analyze Martial Arts to shield themselves.
Sir Christopher Chope said youngsters who got the match and learned Judo or Tae Kwon Do could be higher able to cope with a knife attack.
But Dave Thompson, the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police warned in opposition to relying on unarmed combat and insisted that the fine recommendation became constantly to run away.
Mr. Thompson was appearing at the Home Affairs Select Committee, alongside Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, to answer questions from MPs on extreme violent crime.
They both stated the modern knife crime epidemic turned into the worst it had been in their long careers.
Sir Christopher, who’s a member of the committee, stated: “One of the methods wherein people can be prepared is with the aid of doing Judo or Tae Kwon Do, being bodily capable and taught the way to cope with a situation while you are threatened with a knife.”
Mr. Thompson answered: “The fine knife prevention approach is to run away as speedy as you could…I might probably not advocate a strategy of increasing combat readiness thru martial arts of younger people generally, however, there are a few appeals in those sports activities, they are highly popular and that they take young guys off the streets.”