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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Watersports

Water Sports

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Watersports


There’s something approximately presidents and an infatuation with pee that we can’t shake. First, Trump, together with his whole “pee tape” scandal and now Jair Bolsonaro, the homophobic president of Brazil who tweeted a specific video that functions — among other matters — a person in a jockstrap having a bit of a bath. A golden shower. You know, a little something to boost the shine of the hair! In some other tweet, Bolsonaro asked what golden showers have been. Well sis, satisfied you requested.

To position it clearly: a golden shower is an act wherein one man or woman pees on every other — or multiple, as we’ve visible it. It falls under a trendy umbrella of watersports that is a kink that involves play with urine. Sometimes that’s as easy as a golden bath; now and again, it includes eating the liquid, and other times it’s urinating while having sex. And while it can all be checked out as “sexual play,” as just one part of a sexual revel in, it can additionally stand by me. Some people need to be peed on, and there’s not anything wrong with that.
Here, we had three queer kinksters, who’re acquainted with watersports, communicate to us about their character studies, give us tips on what to do, and why, precisely, people post to heat, golden streams.

Water Sports

Chris Hawke – Founder of GBU Sex Parties in New York

I started in watersports for approximately 15 years in the past. There become this man I used to surf with — you by no means know whether these surfer guys are gay, bi, or what. Anyway, we came from browsing as soon as he says, “Hey, do you need to head lower back for your place, smoke a joint, and pee on each different?” I didn’t recognize if he turned into kidding or if he was going to bash me, or if he became baiting me. So I went at the side of it like, “Yeah, sure something.

We went returned to his house, and he made this bong out of tinfoil. We both drank like a gallon of water and talked — not approximately that, but just about guy stuff — after which we went into the restroom, laid a few towels down, laid on the pinnacle of each different, and simply comfortable and commenced peeing. It became such a tremendous feeling because I felt like I was melting into him. It changed into an existence converting occasion for me. So I began going online and bringing it up to guys and explored it greater.

I’ve observed that there are sincere motives human beings are into watersports. One, the dominant/submissive route wherein guys need to pee on you to degrade you and the intimacy path. Because while someone is standing there and has at ease enough to pee, and that fluid that has been at some stage in their entire body … you’re taking that during or it’s getting on you or something … I discover that very intimate and erotic. That’s the route that I’m on. But the activity is identical.

I began doing my parties in 2000 because I moved to New York, and I couldn’t discover any piss parties for younger hot guys. So that’s why it turned into GBU Kegger, which stood for Golden Boys USA. But over the years, it has advanced to simply being a sex birthday party with young, warm men that’s probably approximately 20 percentage men into watersports.

Tim, Mr. Michigan Leather 2018

I might wager I were given into watersports approximately six or seven years ago. It began off whilst I was gambling with a sir, and he did touch with it. Some guys have additionally asked me online to drink my very own in films and stuff. It’s a piece informal for me. It’s now not my essential kink. I’m more into bondage. However, I like the humiliation factor of getting pissed on. Some men get off on it. My accomplice loves consuming from the tap [meaning right from the dick] and receives off at the actual act of swallowing it, and I know that’s the case for some people.

Obviously, you want to make certain whoever is imparting the piss is well hydrated and liquids plenty of water. Beer and stuff they can do additionally, but you need to make certain they’ve been ingesting a whole lot of water to form water down the piss. If you are taking it early inside the morning or from a dehydrated person, it’ll have a bitter or strong taste. The clearer the piss is, the higher for those types of matters.

If I’m going to play with someone new, that is all something I might discuss in the “into?” conversation, but if it’s someone I know, I would possibly carry up in the course of play. I’ve never experienced any stigma. I’m positive that’s accessible, although. It’s actually a flip-off for a few humans, but I haven’t ever gotten whatever too dramatic.

Quebec – Sexual Health Educator in New Jersey

In all likelihood, I had my first revel approximately 10 years ago when I first forayed into kink and BDSM. I had a sexual accomplice who was part of the network for pretty a bit of time, and I was curious about his reports and how that could be part of our studies collectively. One of the matters he stated he became into was pissed, so we explored that a little similar. At one factor, it turned into considered one of my primary kinks, but not so much now. However, that truly comes down to the supply (or lack thereof) of partners who are fascinated. I commonly convey it up once I’m having conversations with companions. A few say that fluids and piss are a no-no in every regard — that also can generally include even peeing in front of each other.

Besides being a kinky person in my non-public existence, I speak about kink and train on sexual fitness awareness on a day-by-day basis. Obviously, the number one communication is set consent. The 2nd is about piss and protection, which human beings don’t regularly think about because we piss daily. But when another character is factored into the mixture, mainly when it could be going into their mouth, over their face, or some vicinity that can be more sensitive, we have to be careful. Even even though it’s a low hazard for HIV or STIs, there can be microorganisms in the circulate. When it’s someone who does drugs — and caffeine is likewise a drug — the ones drugs can also pop out in the stream and eating which can purpose troubles. So it’s important to be careful.

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