Jeremy Buendia Calls Out Bodybuilding Legend Dexter Jackson And Sergio Oliva Jr.


So, Jeremy Buendia has been going from side to side with many Open elegance bodybuilders, along with his other rant about Antoine Vaillant posing in board shorts; which Buendia thought turned into a shaggy dog story at the Men’s Physique department. But, now he’s going after each Dexter Jackson and Sergio Oliva Jr. For disrespecting him behind his returned and not being men sufficient to confront him to his face! “I awaken after a top-notch night out with my beautiful girl, and I wake up to nothing but bodybuilders speak me s**t again due to the fact you recognize what due to the fact they’re all home mad at themselves for being broke a** Motherf***ers hating on the lifestyle that I’m living.” He then talks about how those bodybuilders are so “tender” and the way they “stroll along with your tails between their legs” when they’re face to face.

Buendia describes how all of the bodybuilders speak me trash cans without difficulty say it to his face however they pick to hind in the back of their computers…

“Half of you men got my telephone range. If you obtain something to mention, f***ing say it. Don’t be hiding in the back of Instagram; I see what you’re pronouncing”. Be a f***ing guy I don’t when all the surprising turning into a man manner hiding at the back of f***ing Instagram. If I were given a hassle with someone, I’m going to text your ass, or I’m going to name your ass and say it in your f***ing face as a f***ing guy does. All you guys are f***ing big, all juiced with all this f***ing testosterone and also you guys got the biggest f***ing vaginas on this planet”!

Now… back to the Antoine Vaillant board shorts tale… Vaillant notion it’d be a perfect concept to promote his board shorts for a charity to make mild of the whole situation… “This whole situation gave me an idea. Place your bids below lol, I’m selling these now notorious board shorts and cash will visit charity for a neighborhood mental health organization. (Will display file as soon as completed) We are staying inside the fine right here! They are autographed and can be ripped off your body in one swing due to the fact they may be velcroed on the edges. We takin’ s, and we are making ade here!! Hahaha #boardshortschallenge”

But, Jeremy decided to jot down a $1,000 check for a charity that his enthusiasts chose because he explained how we didn’t trust Antoine’s board shorts charity will do something to assist absolutely everyone. Buendia stated he decided to write a take a look at to a charity so that it will“Bring goodness again into this world complete of f***cking haters.”

Buendia donated $500 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for terminally-unwell children and $500 to the Love146 basis to combat human trafficking internationally. In his Instagram video, he talks about giving back, and the way all this negativity happened for a cause due to the fact something appropriate got here out of it.