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Meet the person who receives grew to become on by using girls peeing on him

Water Sports

Meet the person who receives grew to become on by using girls peeing on him


This is Kinky Characters – a sequence that explores uncommon fetishes and the folks that like them.
Previously, we’ve spoken to John about his love of being carried by means of ladies with massive watches, had a chat with Bonnie about nosebleeds and asked Ben to inform us why he likes putting metal rods into his penis.
This week, we’re venturing into watersports – which, in fetish circles, consists of sexual play with urine.
The kink is much less unusual than you would possibly assume; in 2017, watersports (or urolagnia) got here in at ninth location of sexual fetishes in Channel 4’s national Great British Sex survey.
Most humans will probably accomplice this fetish with golden showers, however, there are other classes too – consisting of ‘pussing’ (watching someone pee in public) and omorashi, a culture of watersports in which you preserve your pee in or moist your self on reason.
Humiliation may be part of the state of affairs, however, it’s by no means a demand.
On FetLife, one of the international’s biggest fetish communities, you may find a group for watersports that has 25,455 individuals where humans share tips and tricks on a way to get started, as well as a recommendation on the way to store urine and ‘limit the mess’.
Some boards additionally provide health and safety measures. For example, the individual peeing must drink lots of water ahead and sterilize any system that might be used at some stage in. If it’s your first time, it’s recommended you do it within the shower.
There’s plenty to watch, too. One popular porn website online offers 2,000 outcomes, at the same time as another has just shy of 900 movies – and that’s only for the word watersports.
Stephen*, 53, has loved urine play for many years.
It’s now not his handiest uncommon kink; the father-of-3 has additionally been a swinger for 30 years and goals of someday happening on a girl even as she’s smoking.
We ask him what he loves about watersports, the way it works and if he’s ever inebriated all people’s pee.

Tell us about your fetish
I like watersports because it’s freeing – you free your self from all your inhibitions.
I was in my 20s the first time I tried it. Having heard approximately it and visible others doing it, I determined to offer it a go along with my then female friend.
We went into the toilet, and I laid down inside the tub in more than one inches of warm water. She stripped off and knelt above me, along with her vagina over my chest and commenced urinating.
Then she worked her manner down over my penis.
Afterward, I take into account feeling so glad and as if I had accomplished something.
It becomes super.
What do you like the maximum of approximate watersports?
I love the whole lot about watersports – rolling around in it, splashing the pee over my body and gambling with it.
I opt to be peed on, in place of peeing on someone (even though I will do both).
Usually, I’ll do it inside the bath because the mess is restricted, less complicated to clean up and there’s much less threat of any accidents occurring.
My preferred component is when the hot pee drizzles down my erect penis or onto a vagina.

When the woman has finished, I’ll smooth her with the aid of licking any remnants of pee immediately from her genitals.
We don’t continually have intercourse after, it relies upon how horny the character in which you’re with. Sometimes, we are able to however it won’t closing long, because the watersports may have already excited me a lot.
What are your other kinks?
I’ve been a swinger for decades, my ex and I used to like swapping partners and going to intercourse parties.
Unfortunately, I haven’t had a hazard to attempt some of my different, stranger kinks yet.
I’m virtually keen on smoke and want to head down on a woman whilst she smokes a cigarette. I also truly get off on girls dressed in nothing however thigh-high boots, looking me as I masturbate.
The thought of it drives me crazy, however, it’s hard to discover women who will satisfy these fantasies, so I generally put out commercials to locate them.
I have 22 advertisements walking for the time being.
Once, I paid a lady buddy to shave me and provide me a wank.
Is there a watersports fable which you haven’t achieved yet that you’d love to do?
My dream situation might be girls peeing on me at the same time, one doing so across my chest and the opposite one over my penis.
Once I’m covered with their urine, I need one to have intercourse with me while the other sits on my face.
Have you ever inebriated every body’s pee?
Yes, I even have tasted pee.
The flavor depends on what the individual has under the influence of alcohol or eaten. It’s a nice, candy flavor – every now and then like pineapple or chocolate.
A lot of human beings wonder about hygiene problems, but in my opinion, I suppose we fear an excessive amount of.
Relax, let go and revel in yourself.
Tell us approximately one of your favored watersports periods
My companion and I did watersports outdoor in a dogging area for the duration of the summer season. We had an target market looking us, it becomes wonderful.
I love being watched as I’m an exhibitionist – I’ve carried out professional and novice porn returned within the day.