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Mon Ethos Pro, Athlete and Talent Management Firm, Sponsors Major Bodybuilding Event according to Company President David Whitaker

Body Building

Mon Ethos Pro, Athlete and Talent Management Firm, Sponsors Major Bodybuilding Event according to Company President David Whitaker


– Mon Ethos Pro, an athlete and talent management agency has introduced their Diamond Sponsorship of Jon Lindsay’s MuscleContest Bodybuilding occasions, beginning with the imminent 2019 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships. Taking place on the Artemus W. Ham Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 26th and twenty sevenths, the 2019 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships will entice some of the top athletes in the international of bodybuilding, consisting of the ones in search of to earn their IFBB Pro Card. 53 IFBB Pro Cards might be issued at the event, to be able to feature athletes competing in Men’s Bodybuilding, Physique, and Figure as well as Women’s Bodybuilding, Physique, and Bikini and new for 2019, competitors in Classic Physique. IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Mon Ethos Spokesperson Xavisus Gayden might be attending the occasion to interview contestants, such as Mon Ethos Pro Athletes Samantha Houle and Kyle Boddie, wishing them the satisfaction of success inside the opposition.

Founded in 1988, MuscleContest is the largest promoter of NPC and IFBB Pro League events in the global with activities taking place all through the USA, Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Philippines, and Vietnam. Mon Ethos Pro represents a number of the most important names in the sport nowadays, with team members like Xavisus Gayden, Suraqah Shabazz, and Bhuwan Chauhan. Owned by way of businessman David Whitaker, Mon Ethos has made a massive splash at the scene of professional bodybuilding with its more than one sponsorships of activities all over u . S. A ., which includes the brand new Diamond Sponsorship of MuscleContest bodybuilding competitions.
“Bodybuilding is an undercapitalized market. These ladies and men are athletes competing at height overall performance ranges, however, the popularity that they obtain for their efforts is substantially much less than they deserve, in particular when compared with different professional sports activities. This enterprise has made a good-sized effect at the bodily bodies of millions of humans, and the energy of this enterprises social have an effect on is converting the sector one life and logo at a time,” stated Mon Ethos Pro President David Whitaker.

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