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Report: Running a Bitcoin Lightning Node Brings 1% Annualized Return


Report: Running a Bitcoin Lightning Node Brings 1% Annualized Return


A new document by BitMEX Research exhibits that the maximum profitable price bucket for going for walks at a Bitcoin Lightning node has earned them an annualized funding return of virtually one percent on their outbound channel balance. The research is going into information to determine the most critical demanding situations the network could need to face if it starts offevolved scaling.

Research posted by using BitMEX Research on March twenty-seventh, known as The Lightning Network (Part 2) – Routing Fee Economics, examines the challenges that Lightning node operators might face if the community starts offevolved to scale. The paper argues that it’s miles traditional economic situations that could have an extra effect on Lightning network prices rather than the technical components of its routing troubles. According to the take a look, the low obstacles to accessing the Lightning network prices marketplace ought to mean that the balance could prefer users and occasional charges in place of investment returns for the liquidity companies.


This balance among ensuring the network has low user charges, even as making sure charges are excessively enough to incentivize liquidity providers, is probably significant trouble. The Lightning Network has two styles of fees. The first one is the base fee, which expenses a hard and fast amount every time a price is routed through the channel. There is likewise the Liquidity Provider Fee, which prices a percentage of the cost of the charge.
Hence, consistent with BitMEX, Lightning node operators will face several demanding situations.

They could search for poorly related Lightning nodes with high charge demand, reveal and rebalance channels to guarantee there’s enough –way liquidity, analyze the rate market not most effective for the community, however additionally for high-demand and low-potential routes, which might be targeted, and so forth. The file outlines that there are presently no computerized systems able to cope with the above. This might require the setup of specialized corporations to provide liquidity for LN. Almost 1% Annualized Return

The study additionally outlines that BitMEX research has been capable of making an annualized investment return of “nearly” 1 percent, primarily based on the maximum worthwhile price bucket by strolling a Lightning node.
Yet, issues stem from investor sentiment in the cryptocurrency space: A 1% investment yield might also seem attractive in the current low yield surroundings; however, the Lightning community may additionally, first of all, have trouble attracting the proper business liquidity carriers.

Investors in this space are commonly searching out an excessive risk of excessive go-back funding, which appears to be the other quit of the spectrum for the enormously low hazard low go-back budget provided for Lightning liquidity companies. The Bitcoin lightning node count number has grown rapidly over the past year. It currently has 7657 modes, at the same time as the channels quantity 39,343, according to LN monitoring useful resource 1ML.Com. The network has a capability of one 048 BTC or approximately $4.2 million.

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