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The President’s Golf Brain Just Rendered a Verdict on the Chairman of the Federal Reserve


The President’s Golf Brain Just Rendered a Verdict on the Chairman of the Federal Reserve


Like many of our kingdom’s greatest athletes, the president regularly appears to manner things inside the framework of his favorite recreation. The man loves golf. He can not get enough. Just this weekend, he was pictured out at the hyperlinks with Kid Rock, a guy who as soon established an exceptional attitude in the direction of “authority.” Having blasted President Obama repeatedly for playing too frequently, Trump has performed golfing at a prodigious tempo. Up till he was stuck in Washington this winter because of the authorities shutdown he single-handedly triggered, he turned into gambling around every 4.6 days.

It dropped as soon as every 5.4 days through the quiet of January, which remains some distance greater often than Obama’s eight.8, but it is critical to understand that nothing topics. Now that each one of his issues is over, as a minimum in keeping with him, expect the big man to begin getting his numbers up once more—and, according to Politico, use sprawling golf metaphors to dance on the scorecards of his enemies. ROUGHLY TWO DOZEN House Republicans visited the White House on Tuesday to meet with PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

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TRUMP called HOUSE INTELLIGENCE CHAIRMAN ADAM SCHIFF (D-CALIF.) a “PENCIL NECK” in some instances and stated he would be a horrible golfer who should drive the ball simplest 50 yards. (This isn’t always away, for the non-golfers obtainable.) — TRUMP additionally instructed Republicans—who had been gathered inside the Cabinet Room—that Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell has “no sense” for the economic system and compared him to a horrific putter—some other golf metaphor.

All the world’s a fairway, you spot. You can tell the president’s feeling proper after his FULL EXONERATION with the aid of The Barr Letter—which isn’t always The Mueller Report, however, which rates from the actual report to say, “even as this report does no longer finish that the President committed a crime, it additionally does now not exonerate him.” This form of meathead authoritarian machismo is purest on display when the president feels simply true or virtually awful, which, come to think of it, is all of the time.

But, as we all understand, one of the stipulations to serving as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is that you’re a beast on the riding range. And the critical thing to chairing the board of the Federal Reserve is to have experience in something. Forget “an economics degree” or “an extensive survey of facts and analytics about the state of the economic system.” It would help if you felt it, like the president once said during a lawsuit deposition, that his net worth fluctuates with how he’s feeling on a given day. You realize he doesn’t join the idea of objective fact and believes he can mold the observable global contours to shape his interests.

Despite all this, even though the president’s golf kick may be revelatory. The same day he declared there was a NATIONAL EMERGENCY (!) on our southern border—a situation so dire, despite all reviews from the actual edge, he had to seize price range Congress refused to appropriate, an instantaneous attack on the Constitution’s separation of powers—he jetted off to the Rio Grande Valley to provide support for employees at the ground there. Just fucking kidding! He hopped on a plane to Mar-a-Lago and performed golfing all weekend. You know—emergency stuff. It’s almost as though he admitted while affirming the countrywide emergency that there has been no real emergency, and he just wanted to “velocity matters up” on constructing his Big, Beautiful Wall.

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