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Boxing Hall to induct woman boxers, shorten wait duration


Boxing Hall to induct woman boxers, shorten wait duration


The International Boxing Hall of Fame is making modifications to its voting procedure, shortening the retirement time for consideration and creating two classes for girl warring parties.
The categories for female boxers are Trailblazer, boxers whose last bout changed into no later than 1988, and Modern, those whose closing contest got here no in advance than 1989. Both woman and male boxers have to be retired for at the least 3 years before the stop of the calendar year wherein voting take location, that means that boxers who closing fought in 2016 at the moment are eligible for attention.
Similar to Major League Baseball, the put up-retirement ready length has been 5 years since the first inductions in 1990. The Hall of Fame will determine the variety of honorees within the Modern class at the begin of the election procedure.
The amendments introduced Tuesday were authorized with the aid of the International Boxing Hall of Fame Board of Directors in April and will take effect for the 2020 election.

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