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Local martial artist brings home grand champion trophy

Martial Arts

Local martial artist brings home grand champion trophy


Mac MacDougall has best studied martial arts with the cutting-edge Legion Hap Ki Do Club for about five months, but that was long enough to earn two Grand Champion Trophies in the most effective two tournaments she entered. Last February, Mac won the Grand Champion Award at the Twin Soo Martial Arts Championship held at Lake Superior State University, and (this past weekend) Mac extended her triumphing streak by way of earning the Under Black Belt Grand Champion Trophy at the Provincial Martial Arts Tournament in Elliott Lake. This win permits Mac to increase to the National Martial Arts Championships held in Ottawa on May 17-19, 2019.

Mac MacDougall – Adult Novice Division medal relies upon:

  • Under Black Belt Grand Champion
  • Gold in Self-Defence
  • Gold in Forms
  • Silver in Sparring
  • Bronze in Weapons

A range of KJMS Martial Arts Club college students is additionally certified. To qualify for the Nationals, a scholar desires to be in the top 4 in their department in the Provincials.

Steve Jensen – Senior Black Belt Division:

  • 4th in Weapons
  • 4th in Forms
  • Kevin Lamour – Senior Black Belt Division:
  • Bronze in Forms
  • Bronze in Sparring

Kyle MacDonald – Junior Black Belt Division:

  • 4th in Sparring
  • 4th in Forms

Sophie Lamour – 12-12 months-antique Brown Belt Division:

  • Gold in Weapons
  • Annette Lamour – Adult Brown Belt Division:
  • 4th in Self-Defence
  • Theresa Laforge – Adult Novice:
  • Bronze in Forms
  • fifth in Self Defence

Legion Hap Ki Do is a new martial arts school in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., under the guidance of Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman. The club trains at Branch 25 Legion Hall. The club’s goal is to teach youngsters and adults alike the values of physical fitness, area, hard work, determination, and perseverance through traditional Korean martial arts and to build champion competitors.

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