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Maine Martial Arts Championships held Saturday in Waterville

Martial Arts

Maine Martial Arts Championships held Saturday in Waterville


Are you confused about the myriad martial arts lessons available for your budding little ninja? These dads and moms take the guesswork out of the most famous selections.


Tristan Saveron, eight, is a taekwondo brown belt. He first enrolled when he turned three and trains three times every week. Tournaments are generally on weekends, and the competition season we join is typically from April to October, so the effect on his studies is minimal,” says his mother, Pia. Why taekwondo? “When Tristan became 2, he could get away his crib, which turned into chest-excessive for him, using his legs to propel him over the threshold,” she remembers. “His flexibility and sturdy legs make him suitable for taekwondo. It changed into additionally the best martial artwork with training for terribly younger youngsters (three years vintage). Most martial arts schools accept the handiest seven years vintage and above.

Tips for parents: “Let your infant try exceptional sports activities or martial arts to see if it’s for something they’ll revel in,” Pia says. “They must be more involved and excited to learn about it than you. Also, allow them to decide if they want to preserve or how regularly they will attend classes. This will help them commit to the sport and experience it. Always renowned for their excitement, inspire and assist them by following their lessons and tournaments.

She provides: “I might suggest taekwondo for kids with loads of energy to burn. It is a superb outlet for folks who want to kick and run around. This is also top for timid children to assist in building more confidence through board breaking or Poomsae (forms) demonstrations.


Pastry shop owner Franz Echevarria, forty-one, has a 1st dan black belt in fight aikido. His daughter Alexandra, 10, began schooling when she was eight and is at the start level of conventional Aikido. Why Aikido? “I notion my infant would recognize it,” says Franz. “Compared to different martial arts, aikido focuses on self-protection harmoniously. It doesn’t combat pressure with pressure. It goes the flow and uses this power towards themself, something I thought anyone ought to do without being too ‘physically endowed’ for the martial art.

Tips for mother and father: “Know your reasons for enrolling your infant,” Franz says. “Is it for a workout, self-protection, to make pals, or to boost confidence? If you want, do an ordeal length for each magnificence so you can decide which majesty your baby is more comfortable with or will experience doing. Aikido is a passive martial artwork. I would say it’s remarkable for quiet or timid children or children being bullied. Some of my students’ years were very shy; however, they popped out of their shells.


Adrian, 13, has been doing karate for seven years and trains twice weekly, says his mother, Connie, forty-two, who did taekwondo. Adrian first enrolled in a karate magnificence one summer. He endured until he joined the faculty’s varsity team and now holds a red belt. Tips for mother and father: “My son is far from being the best in karate, and he doesn’t like the whole lot about it,” says Connie. “He is more passionate together with his music. But he can’t permit a karate pass; even if I advocate, he stops and does something else. I wager he, without a doubt, enjoys the discipline, education, and friendships he has constructed via this recreation, which makes letting cross the sport, though.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ)

When Andrew Weon, 43, isn’t training in combined martial arts (MMA), he is learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) with his kids, Steve, 16, and Ashley, 14. They train two to a few instances every week. Andrew selected BJJ over other martial arts for his kids, “for instance; they might get into combat with a person. No one will be injured using Jiu-jitsu. He regrets beginning them past due in the game because of the blessings they could have acquired early on: “Jiu-jitsu is a recreation in which you need to suppose cautiously. You also study self-assurance.”Wrestling and Muay Thai

All my youngsters are into BJJ, wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman), Muay Thai, and MMA,” says Bubbles Bermudez, mother of Liam, Lucas, and Lucho. “Their father, Alvin Aguilar, is a BJJ black belt and has been into the sport since 1996. She provides: “We chose BJJ as their base art, which transitioned into the alternative arts because it might be the most technical martial artwork that trains the thoughts to think. It’s like chess in shape. This enables their essential thinking and allows them to examine how every move is connected to the other. There’s additionally no striking concern in BJJ, so it’s an art that kids can get into at an early age.”

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