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Pavel Francouz: The Secret to my Success


Pavel Francouz: The Secret to my Success


These days, you don’t regularly see someone chasing their goal and patiently constructing toward fulfillment. A lot of humans want to have the achievement right, as rapid as viable. But that’s no longer the case for Czech National Team goaltender Pavel Francouz. He’s following his dream humbly. He spent the ultimate 12 months within the minors with the Colorado Avalanche employer while performing in NHL video games. This coming season he’ll be an NHL backup for announced employing well-known manager Joe Sakic. This interview has occurred earlier than that changed into announced.

Pavel Francouz: The Secret to my Success 1

What turned into your route to hockey?

I guess it’s uncommon as my mother and father aren’t athletes and have never played sports. However, I became a very energetic baby and did many extraordinary sports. I was gambling soccer, hockey, skated on a pond, played disciplined hockey, floorball, did karate, gymnastics. Because of this kind of sports activities I actually have appropriate motion and coordination – it nonetheless benefits me to this day. And with hockey, it occurred that I had a pal here in Pilsen who started out gambling it, and I desired to achieve this as well.
Your mother and father were up for it?

Yeah, yeah. My dad went there with me. I had my skates from the pond and winter gloves; others had a real device already. So my dad went speedy to the store and acquired me a pair of right gloves and a helmet. That’s how I began when I turned into seven years of antique.

Was that the time while you fell in love with hockey?

Not but. I nevertheless did gymnastics, performed soccer and field hockey. But ice hockey commenced to take over slowly. Obviously, the help from your parent’s aspect changed into critical. I am extraordinarily fortunate to have such a mother and father. They nevertheless stay the hockey dream with me. They used to take me to all the games. Even my sister would be a part of it. I am notably grateful for that.

So your father helped you with moving into the goalie equipment.

He’s been supporting me with it for a long time. I assume till like the third or fourth grade. Then it started to be embarrassing, and guys have been guffawing at me. (laugh) It’s pretty a lot of equipment, although, simply sporting it round like a little child… It suggests that the game became a massive part of your life as a child. Did you read approximately it plenty?

Not sincerely, but we used to accumulate sports activities cards, I posters all over my room, I become drawing hockey gamers or pretending to be one. Do you still have any of them nowadays? Yeah, I nonetheless pretend to be a hockey participant, and I also keep on amassing playing cards, however best those I am on. (giggle) Interesting. And how a lot of those do you’ve got? About twenty. I don’t have them all because getting all the ones that have been launched in Russia is not possible. There’s no real manipulate over it; everybody can do it. (laugh)
Did you have any sports position version as a kid?

My dad. To me, he constantly became the man, and I admire him these days. Every time I want advice I visit him and I trust him. Yeah, and also my uncle. He became a sports fanatic, and he, as an instance, offered me my first goalie stick. He used to take me to hockey games in Pilsen.

How did you end up in a crease?

I commenced skating kindergarten of the route. After some time, we commenced playing numerous video games, and I kept roaming across the net and attempted to prevent goals instead of dashing forward and scoring. So that’s how I gradually got to it. Do you bear in mind the moment while you’ve found out which you’re not terrible at goalkeeping? I usually used to doubt myself. I wouldn’t have self-confidence, but I constantly notion about not ruining it for the guys, and that stored me going forward. I have no idea that I am too excellent, and it’ll all cross smoothly and without difficult paintings.

Never. Although – I had one second in life after I failed. When I was eighteen, I went to play in Extraliga (Czech’s top league) for the primary time in Pilsen. First, yr went properly, and they have been relying on me for the subsequent one. I subconsciously started questioning that I had secured the spot, and Extraliga changed into mine. It commenced to head down from there, and I ended up psychologically down. It turned into my worst season in professional hockey. I turned into sent right down to the second league, and I had a brand new challenge of hiking returned up.

What has certainly happened?

I believed that I belong to Extraliga, and I took it as a right. Self-pride. I even have to mention that it becomes a high-quality element that would have befell. I usually try and work tough on myself and no longer rest on my laurels.

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