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Deepak Thakur: Asian-style talents nonetheless relevant in modern-day hockey


Deepak Thakur: Asian-style talents nonetheless relevant in modern-day hockey


At his peak, Deepak Thakur changed into a feared forward. Using lightning speed and deft stickwork, Thakur gave defenders a horrid time. In well-known, his Indian group of the noughties played a loose-flowing style of hockey. This is in evaluation with the ‘European fashion’ used now, in which the emphasis is on ownership and precision technique. Thakur believes that the ‘Asian style’ of his technology nonetheless has its location in present-day hockey. The Indian team ought to utilize his former team-pals like Prabhjot Singh, Gagan Ajit Singh, and Dhanraj Pillay to refine those skills.

Today, all worldwide sides rent the European fashion of play. When all teams are playing like this, you need a second pattern to break their sport-play. This is wherein you need to be adept at Asian-fashion abilities like dodging, go back-passes, and stick work. If you can expand those factors of your sport, you’ll be capable of breaking open the defense. This Asian style is missing now. That is hurting Indian hockey,” Thakur, the IOCL group educate at the Bengaluru Hockey Association Super Division hockey championship here, stated.

Deepak Thakur: Asian-style talents nonetheless relevant in modern-day hockey 1


Former gamers like Prabhjot Singh, Dhanraj Pillay, and Gagan Ajit Singh were masters of Asian fashion hockey. They ought to be added in to train the countrywide crew in a few potentials. This could be extremely beneficial, as we can get the nice of each world,” Thakur delivered. The Arjuna awardee is satisfied that a more professional approach has entered the sport.

Money is being invested now. Though pinnacle centers aren’t to be had at the grassroots degree, it is good to come to the elite stage. Everything is a lot extra expert now — gamers earn money properly, and we additionally have video analysts, physiotherapists, and so forth,” Thakur said. If we had those centers at some point of our gambling days, we could have won Olympic and World Cup medals.

Busy with smartphones

On his electrifying attacking partnership with Prabhjot Singh and Gagan Ajit Singh, Thakur said, “The reason why we were so correct collectively on the sector became due to the fact we shared a near bond off the sphere. The 3 of us got here up via the junior ranks at the equal time. And during our senior India days, we spent a lot of time collectively. In those days, we did now not have a whole lot of leisure. So we played cards collectively, chatted, and saved each other business enterprise. This type of crew bonding lacks now, with maximum gamers busy with their smartphones.

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The Benefits

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Hockey prep schools put together you each mentally and bodily, helping you satisfactory-music your abilities and further develop your craft so that you are capable of taking your profession to a brand new stage as soon as you’ve got completed your education. Furthermore, on occasion you pick out an alternate career course, a hockey prep college will offer you the instructional training and lifestyle abilities you need to excel at any profession you pick out. It’s no longer uncommon for a hockey prep faculty pupil to later end up a coach or to specialize in different areas and avenues of hockey.

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