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CD Projekt Red clarifies Cyberpunk 2077’s technique to faith

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CD Projekt Red clarifies Cyberpunk 2077’s technique to faith


An interview between Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red and Polish website Gry WP was these days shared through the NeoGAF message board, but as IGN reviews, the shared translation was greater than a little spotty.
The mistranslation referred to a religious faction and claimed that quest director Mateusz Tomaskiewicz said the game “will no longer keep away from any problem, although they’ll offend the sensitivity of some,” which seemed curious (and needlessly) abrasive. As it turns out, it changed into. CD Projekt Red shared a correct translation of this conversation through IGN:

Gry WP: You mentioned religion. Does it nonetheless exist inside Cyberpunk International? Tomaskiewicz: Yes, and in lots of forms. As I cited, our vision is based on the actual world in one way or another. And religion is a very critical part of the latter, society-sensible. In our recreation, we will see an instance of Christianity and its one-of-a-kind branches or religions from the East.

Gry WP Sounds controversial. Someone will enter a church to cause havoc.

Tomaskiewicz: We do not need to avoid religion as a subject; the world’s authenticity is what counts for us. Technically, the scenario you stated is feasible, but that is all about the participant’s choices. We won’t inspire the participant to accomplish that. In our quests, which involve spiritual subjects, we ensure there is no disrespect.

Notably, Tomaskiewicz did not mention a spiritual faction of any kind, not to mention one connected to a specific creed. Religion in Cyberpunk 2077 seems to exist as part of Night City’s lifestyle, now not as a game-field system or alliance like the street gangs. In other phrases, anticipate various church buildings full of fans, but don’t anticipate tactless questlines that trample throughout them for edgy political incorrectness.

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