Banners brighten town streets ahead of 2020 Winter Games


Well, if one game I have been practicing for a long time now, that has to be the street game. And the hardest part of the street game is to approach the woman on the street. You are in your most upbeat positive state, you just had your coffee in the local cafe and now you are onto your way to the grocery store while you see an angel coming towards you. She is wearing a tight fitting denim jeans and a low cut top that hugs her frame, augmenting her sumptuous curves. The sun is shining on her hair and her face, and you know you got to know this woman.
The next thing you know, you are already walking towards that woman and when she comes just near you, you look towards her and give out a nice smile, but then what? Darn! You don’t say anything, because you are shit scared inside, and she keeps walking on. That’s all for you getting to know her. The moment is gone and your opportunity to know someone who might have been your girlfriend for the next 20 years is gone. Don’t do this.
Here is the best way to approach a woman on the street. You see a woman walking whether towards you in the opposite direction or beside you towards the same direction, and you let her pass you.
For the woman who is walking beside you, don’t look at her while she is still behind you. That way, she feels wary and crosses you fast. Let her come beside you and ask her the time. When she tells you the time, just convey interest in talking further with her. You can use, “Hey, you seem interesting…I am Ron, what is your name?” or “Oh, you have a nice smile really…anyway, I am Ron, and your name?” This is when she is just beside you.
For the woman who is coming towards you, let her pass by you, and when she has just passed by you, you can turn back and say, “Excuse me, it may seem very random, but I just felt like speaking with you. I am Ron” or just ask her the time. She complies with that request, and then you follow up with the previous line, “Hey, you seem interesting…I am Ron, what is your name?” or “Oh, you have a nice smile really…I am Ron, and your name?”
Okay, here you must understand why you are asking the time in the first place. Are you starting neutral? Well, somewhat. It just gets the girl in a receptive and responsive mode. And then you go direct. Let’s say you just go direct. You will find that many of the beautiful women will just walk by, as if turned off by your showing interest in her. Inside, they might be nervous. They might be scared. They might be busy. You have to engage them, and in the streets, engaging a woman can be tough because she is on the move already. So you engage her with a neutral question. That’s it and then you go direct on her.

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