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Best Gaming Apps to Have Fun and Entertainment For Girls

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Best Gaming Apps to Have Fun and Entertainment For Girls


Today everyone loves to play the game for fun and entertainment. There are games for girls, teenagers, boys and much more. Girls, too, love games and spend a fair amount of time n playing games. Some of the top best games for girls are solving puzzles, battle games, Barbie’s makeover, and many more. There was a time when girls were not playing the battle game, but now the situation is changed.

Girls love all the games that boys have played for fun and entertainment. There are some still top games for girls that can keep them engaged and entertained in their free time. So if you, too, are looking for some entertaining game, check out the below-given list:


My little pony: Magic princess

It is a free game that can easily be installed on your smartphone. Girls usually think of themselves as princesses, so this game comes with different beautiful characters that can keep them engaged. It makes the game interesting, as players have to win tasks that will unlock new features. It is based on the series, and so characters, music, and even locations are quite similar to it.

Uphill Rush

The graphics of the app are quite realistic, which makes the game quite enjoyable to play. This simulation game has water slides, a pool, and other rides that can keep players engaged. One can try out different water slides and stunts to make the game enjoyable to play. The whole atmosphere is very similar to the waterpark, which has helped the game get a good fan.

Nail salon

Every girl likes to have manicured and polished nails to complement their look and dress. Girls always try to keep their nails perfectly shaped and color them according to the dress and occasion. This game is all about decorating nails at a salon. If you cannot try something new in your nails, this game gives you the option to try it out.

Players can trim nails, use color tomes to paint nail, decorate it, and give them a stylish look. If you like some look, there is also the option to save it in your device’s gallery.

Fashion Doll

Girls always love to try something new and unique, no matter whether it is dressing or decoration. A fashion doll is one such game where girls can decorate their homes with beautiful stuff and paint. They can use their creativity to design the beautiful structure of the house with attractive furniture. It has simple controls that make it easy to use all the advanced features that include 3D mode. It is the best time pass game for girls.

World of Fashion

When you are looking for games that are just for fun, go for the world of fashion. It is all about how you style yourself with different outfits. It has D designs that look very stunning with stylish haircuts and shades. This game is all about dressing and accompanying it with various accessories like shoes and other things. It’s the way how girls would use their knowledge to dress up the character in the game.


If looking out for the best games ever for girls, Frippa is also on the list. This app has many games that can be played based on mood or likings. It has games like dressing up princess, haircut games, makeover games, and many more. It’s the best app today where girls can find a variety of options to have fun. This app can easily be installed, and to keep players engage, developers keep on updating games.

Which are Barbie’s best games for girls?

Most of the girls like Barbie and its staff. But not they also like to play Barbie games that are fun and entertaining for all. There is a long list of Barbie games that can keep especially girls engaged with Barbie. These games are based on Barbie dressing, makeup, shopping, and so on. Some of the famous Barbie games are:

Barbie Dreamhouse adventure

Girls who are looking for Barbie games will find it the best in every manner. Here Barbie has to go every step as we do in our ordinary life like dressing, makeup, parties, and much more. But it will take you inside the Barbie world where girls would love to dress up their Barbies in impressive looks. Not just small girls, but this game is bene played by adults to cherish childhood. To make the game enjoyable, it also has a 3D Barbie with realistic sound and movement Barbie.

Barbie Fashion Closet

The interface and 3D illustrations in the game can keep players engaged for hours. You can try different haircuts, choose stylish clothes, accessories to complement the dress, haircuts, and many more. It has complete style storage for Barbie that has to be unlocked as you move forward in the game and try out something new with Barbie. If you are looking for a time, pass this Barbie game is very interesting to play and can make you stress-free.

Princess Jigsaw Puzzle

Today there are many Barbie games, which are just not limited to dressing up Barbie. One such is the Barbie puzzle, where players must solve different puzzles, which makes the game quite enjoyable to play. It can be enjoyed by teen girls and even adults who live Barbie and thus enjoy the game for entertainment. The game has both a comfortable and challenging level, which can be selected as per preference. It is considered the best games for girls.

These are some of the best games in the world for girls that can make them happy and relaxed. Girls can play action and battle games, but it is just for fun Barbie and princess games to keep them engaged. All these mobile games are available on the google play store to install easily on the device. If you are also looking for any such stuff that can keep you entertained, look at all the given apps.

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