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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ DLC Rumor Claims An Alien Undead Nightmare Is Coming

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ DLC Rumor Claims An Alien Undead Nightmare Is Coming


A rumor is making rounds concerning Red Dead Redemption 2 and the holy grail of video game initiatives: Rockstar decided to make single-player tale DLC for its games again. The rumor, from a throwaway Reddit account that claims to recognize an artist at Rockstar (serious crimson flags abound here, so watch out), says that Red Dead might be liberating alien-centric DLC in early 2020, much like the standalone zombie Undead Nightmare journey for the authentic sport. You would be gambling yet again as Arthur.

Undead Nightmare changed into a standalone entry break away from the primary game with John Marston combating zombies and is heralded as one of the higher portions of DLC in gaming records, so Rockstar is doing an observe-up does not appear out of the question. However, this is the same Rockstar who bought 100 million copies of GTA 5 and didn’t make a single scrap of story DLC for it, and even alien DLC became rumored there with the easter eggs determined in that game. If you’ve been paying attention, there are truly a whole bunch of alien easter eggs hidden in Red Dead Redemption 2 as nicely, from historic writings hinting at extraterrestrial beings to simply…flying saucers performing in the game in certain places at certain times:

The bulk of this throwaway account’s rumor is focused on what he says is a complete remake of Red Dead Redemption 1 that’s coming, now not just a remaster, but an entire remake complete with all the gameplay structures of RDR2 in location. Supposedly, this becomes presupposed to arrive for the sport’s tenth anniversary, but it bumped into troubles, and this source says as a good deal as -thirds of the Red Dead Online crew is now carrying out a remake.

Look, this is about as questionable as sourcing for something like this gets, so that wishes to be made clean.
However, I think we’re in a unique scenario with Red Dead Redemption 2 in that I don’t believe that Red Dead Online is appearing almost as well as GTA Online has or even present some of these years later. If that’s the case, I could purchase the idea that Rockstar might be devoting resources to producing a $30 standalone alien DLC or maybe re-releasing the original recreation. However, that component sounds like a story, taller than the DLC idea.

I sincerely desire that is proper because it’s been past weird for Rockstar to consciousness relentlessly on nothibuter, online content material for GTA and now Red Dead for the past decade or so while it turned into one of theforcesrce in making high-quality tale DLC previously. Perhaps they’re going again to the roots of the one now that certainly one of their online modes isn’t always appearing as well as hoped.

Again, this must be occupied with a wonderful deal of warning because there’s no way to verify it, and this sounds extraordinarily sketchy. But I could no longer be amazed if at least some degree of this did come to bypass down the road, given the scenario Rockstar presently reveals itself in with Red Dead. We’ll have to be patient.

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