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Dad Fits Rabbit Water Bottle To Son’s Bed As He Won’t Stop Playing Video Games

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Dad Fits Rabbit Water Bottle To Son’s Bed As He Won’t Stop Playing Video Games


A dad who became getting bored to death of his son’s repeated need to carry him beverages even as he sat gambling on his PlayStation has determined to get his own back by attaching a rabbit water bottle to his bed body. Genius. Kristian Wilkes, 33, says he became sick of having to run up and downstairs with drinks for his eight-12 months-antique son Logan at the same time as he changed into gambling computer games together with his pals, so offered the £2.50 water bottle as a shaggy dog story, but what started as a prank has to turn out to be a pretty sound concept. Kristian, from Ebbw Vale, Wales: “It turned into more of a joke – however now I think it’s the exceptional £2.50 I ever spent!

Computer Games

“I was uninterested in him shouting down for a drink. “When he is online gaming, he of path can’t go away his bedroom. “The best plays on it for a few hours a night; however, while he is, he is constantly banging or shouting down for a drink. “Then while he has one, he spills them. “I joked that I’d get him a hamster bottle, so he didn’t need to bother me. “Then, while we were out the alternative day, I discovered a huge one – possibly for a rabbit. “He came in, and I’d caught it to the facet of his bunk-mattress, so while he lies down in bed, he handiest wishes to turn his head for a drink. “He did not even observe, and he lay there for 20 minutes. “Then he shouted down, ‘Dad, why have I got a gerbil bottle at the aspect of my mattress?

Kristian says that Logan even got a few uses out of it that night, so it’s proving to be sensible too. “He used it that night time as well,” the dad introduced. “It changed into the top-notch. I failed to ought to be up and down the steps of getting him drinks. “I did it as a joke – I don’t need human beings to think I’m a pushover or whatever. I did it for a laugh to poke fun at him. But lots of humans were pronouncing what an amazing idea it becomes. “I’ve said to his mother, and I’m going to get him one of those hats with the straws wrapped around them. It’s an excellent idea, and he doesn’t just go away his sport. “I’ve got a four-year-vintage daughter too, and she or he’s demanding, so it is a piece of a nightmare after I’m seeking to type her out and he is shouting for a drink. “I’ve had to ban him from taking cups up there due to the fact manifestly I’ll locate them under his mattress and all around the area.”

Now, the dad reckons he may even spend money on one for himself to assist him in dealing with the morning after a night on the booze. It seems you are direct to something, Kristian. He stated: “Logan’s pals have seen the funny aspect, and he’s playing the eye now. Even some of their parents have commented what an incredible idea it’s far. “I’ve not had any terrible remarks – everybody I’ve spoken to appears to be giving the idea a notion. “It’s an outstanding concept for hangovers too – I would possibly have in shape one after my bed as properly.

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