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Fenway Golf Club prospers after family-orientated makeover


Fenway Golf Club prospers after family-orientated makeover


SCARSDALE – Recently, a young mother and daughter hopped inside a stately clubhouse at Fenway Golf Club on a warm summer afternoon. The lady changed into protecting inflatable armbands as they made their way to the renovated swimming pool in the lower back of the clubhouse. The scene spoke to the invigorated kingdom of the ninety-five-year-vintage private clubs off Old Mamaroneck Road, which stopped accepting new participants this spring when the club reached its most potential.

Fenway Golf Club prospers after family-orientated makeover 1

The club’s reputation results from a concerted effort by its leaders to counter the countrywide trend of declining the USA-membership club. Its fulfillment shines against the backdrop of some golfing courses struggling to exist in current years due to diminishing demand. Some of them were focused on housing development.

The world has changed dramatically, so for a rustic club to live to tell the tale nowadays, it’s vital to be family-orientated,” said Jeffrey Citron, the club’s board president. “We ought to entice households, make the better halves want to come, make the children want to return. For the past two decades, the membership has invested hundreds of thousands of greenbacks to restore its authentic 1924 path designed by Albert Warren Tillinghast, a distinguished golfing course architect whose centers have hosted many professional championships.

However, the club’s management realized that a remarkable golf direction alone might not help Fenway thrive in the future. Longtime individuals leave the membership because they are moving to Florida or can no longer play golf. It’s all approximately attracting households,” said Bruce Frank, the membership’s board treasurer. “We wanted to create an ecosystem wherein human beings come and stay a whole day here. The attempt started by changing dining menus to consist of more infant-pleasant gadgets. The club’s occasion themes have shifted to appeal to younger households and their youngsters.

And about three years ago, the membership took steps to conduct a $three.Five million makeovers of its pool location, consisting of an outside bar with flat-screen TVs and a kiddy pool. Frank said that the reaction was wonderful. The demographics of the members have gotten plenty younger,” he stated. Citron noted that long-time participants are also happy with the club’s re-energized, multi-generational surroundings where grandparents can meet up with their grandchildren.

We’re trying to preserve it more of a Ritz Carlton — for loss of a better phrase — a type of atmosphere,” he stated. “Make it a place where humans need to come and hold, have a good time, wherein children want to return. And I suppose we carried out that. Follow Akiko Matsuda on Twitter: @AskAkiko; Instagram: @amatsudanyc; and Facebook: @AkikoJournalist. Editor’s notice: As treasured land opens up at failing to golf publications all along the Northeast corridor and past, dense housing traits fill in wherein there once become rolling fairways and undulating veggies.

In New York and New Jersey, I have personally seen thousands of housing units sprouting in their locations, and with them, a raft of issues facing citizens, environmentalists, and local planning and zoning officials. A special investigation by the USA Today Network exhibits this. The tale is to be had for subscribers.

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