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Martial arts coach arrested for sex abuse

Martial Arts

Martial arts coach arrested for sex abuse


Kaiwipaoaehikuonalani “Eevee” Amina, 27, was arrested Tuesday, July 23, using sheriff’s deputies on two counts of 1/3-degree sexual abuse. Two former college students reported to the Sheriff’s Office that Amina and any other adult gave them alcohol, and Amina touched them in an irrelevant manner while they were at Amina’s apartment in the 18000 blocks of Northwest Cornell Road in Beaverton in January 2017.

At the time of the alleged incident, both women have been more youthful than 18. Amina owns and coaches at Martial Masters Academy, coaching boxing, blended martial arts, and muay Thai. Reached by using cellphone Wednesday, Amina declined to comment for this story. He might not touch upon how many students Martial Masters Academy has or whether it’ll preserve running. Detectives believe there may be extra sufferers with whom Amina had a touch as a martial arts teacher.

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Anyone with extra statistics is encouraged to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-846-2500.
Look for other attributes that increase an instructor’s ability to add value to your training: Proven competitive track records, such as World Champion Titles A degree in an area such as psychology, sports medicine, kinesiology or related fields Military, law enforcement, or security experience Involvement in a credible martial arts organization
Extensive knowledge of a culture or philosophy you’re interested in Although an instructor’s experience and background provide some credibility, don’t be overly impressed with awards and certificates.

Their mindset and level of experience will be apparent through subtleties in character and by their actions.
Quality instructors are sincerely interested in helping You and won’t feel the need to boast about their own credentials or prove themselves. Instead of boosting their own egos, high-level instructors are very attentive to coaching you to achieve your goals. You can often measure an instructor more accurately by their students’ results and satisfaction than by credentials alone. The students themselves may be the greatest indication of the quality of instruction. Like a good business is constantly researching and developing, high-level instructors research and continually improve methodologies. A lifetime of training in martial arts isn’t enough to reach human potential!

A high-level instructor portrays the noble characteristics of a role model and leader. Confident instructors welcome feedback and respond to your questions with patience and insight. They are usually very humble and rarely speak negatively about any other school or style. Also, find out if the school’s head instructor is actively teaching. Some schools have classes primarily taught by an assistant or senior students, while the head instructor only occasionally appears. While assistant instructors may be totally capable of teaching, watch out for schools that “sell” you on the instructor but have someone else teaching.


Make sure you know how to evaluate a school in two parts, the content and the context. The context of a martial arts school is made up of the training methods and environment. What kind of setting is the school providing? A supportive learning environment is crucial to maximize the assimilation and retention of material. The training context can be more important than the content (or material) intended to be learned.

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