Sailing and kayaking demonstrations as Ryde Sea Cadets open new boating station at Island Harbour


RYDE Sea Cadets have opened their new boating station at Island Harbour.
An open day become held earlier this month, in which the ribbon changed into reducing by means of Commander Tony Stickland — a trustee of the Connaught Trust, which has supported the cadets via supplying funding for equipment.
The new station became blessed with the aid of Fr Jonathan Redvers Harris, the Ryde unit’s chaplain.
Following the official opening, there were shows recognizing the cadet’s achievements — such as to Jack Thorne, who had completed his paddle trainer qualification, permitting him to train different cadets.

Members of St John Ambulance attended and visitors have been taken out on motorboats to watch the cadets’ seamanship abilities, consisting of cruising and kayaking.
Once ashore, the newly shaped Sea Cadet Band achieved as visitors loved a buffet provided by way of the Island Harbour Yacht Club.
Margaret Elcome, Ryde Sea Cadets chair, stated: “The new boating station compliments the Cowes unit, enabling us to have joint training periods and provide more opportunities for the cadets.
“I would really like to thank our dedicated workforce and the Island Harbour for providing us with this facility.
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