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Ugandan pop megastar-grew to become-policitian Bobi Wine says he’s jogging for president


Ugandan pop megastar-grew to become-policitian Bobi Wine says he’s jogging for president


Uganda’s pop megastar grew to become a baby-kisser; Bobi Wine has formally introduced he will run for president in 2021. The Member of Parliament main a “human beings power movement” to end President Yoweri Museveni 33-year-rule also unveiled his marketing campaign team at his home in Kampala on Wednesday. Wine said he becomes no longer strolling beneath any political birthday party, and the progressive movement seeks to create “a society which goes for everyone.

I will personally once again let you know of my willingness and readiness to lead you (Ugandans) in that effort — the effort to usher our us into a new era of freedom and justice,” Wine said in a declaration posted on Facebook.
Wine is expected to challenge Museveni inside u. S .’s 2021 elections. Museveni has ruled since 1982 and has changed the constitution two times to increase his stay in the workplace. He has not declared his aim to run in the subsequent elections.

Ugandan pop megastar-grew to become-policitian Bobi Wine says he's jogging for president 1

Wine, whose actual call is Robert Kyagulanyi, has been staging a high-profile campaign to u.S.A. Museveni is considered one of Africa’s longest-serving presidents. The 37-yr-vintage reggae megastar has sung songs that might be relatively vital of the President and maintain to speak against his authorities inside the East African country. He joined politics in 2017 and won a parliamentary seat as an independent within the same yr. He calls himself the Ghetto President and led opposition lawmakers and activists to condemn a few authority’s policies.

Wine but won international prominence in 2018 following his arr andith numerous competition politicians accused of stoning the President’s convoy. He turned into charged with treason, and his military detention sparked protests from Ugandans and rights activists abroad until his release. The MP stated he became tortured in jail, allegations the President dismissed as faux news. The wine was positioned below house arrest in May after his performances have been canceled for failing to meet protection regulations. The pop big name stated it was a flow to silence his ambitions.

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