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VW Motorsport’s RWD Polo: What it is really like


VW Motorsport’s RWD Polo: What it is really like


If an automobile ever broke the internet, it’d need to be this. And we were given a threat to arise close and personal with India’s first (mid) rear-engined, rear-wheel power Volkswagen Polo. It’s got the 1. Eight-litre TSI rapid from the Ameo Cup vehicle, rated at 205PS and 320Nm torque at the wheels, and a six-speed sequential gearbox from 3MO. But what makes it excessive is that it carries its engine in a place normally reserved for the maximum amazing of supercars. It wasn’t built through a few boutiques in Europe either; it changed into built with the aid of the VW Motorsport India team in Pune!

VW Motorsport's RWD Polo: What it is really like 1

Sirish Visa, head of VW Motorsport, says, “We’re looking on the Customer Sport music automobiles as an alternative for customers running their supercars at the song. The fees can fast spiral, what with the supercars desiring service, brake, tires, and so forth each few track days. With something like the Polo RX, you get all the amusing you want at a fraction of the charge.

As they’re calling it, this’ iciness undertaking was constructed in the scraps of spare time between the near of closing yr’s season and getting ready for the next. “I’ve constructed this vehicle in my head approximately 15 times earlier than we got down to building it for actual,” Sirish comments, and that without the meticulous making plans, engineering, and measuring performed earlier than even touching the steel, the construct might’ve taken a long way, a long way longer than the marvelous 10 days that it did. Turning a front-engined, front-wheel force hatchback into this isn’t always as smooth as taking the engine and plonking it into them again.

Starting with an Ameo Cup automobile, basically, the entire engine changed into the cut out from under the hood, apron, sub-frame, and all. And then welded neatly into the distance that would’ve been taken up using the rear seats. To be capable of trying this, the team had to alter everything from the B-pillar returned. The entire floor plan at the rear becomes cut out, and the suspension mounting points needed to be moved further lower back as a way to match the 1.8-liter turbocharged engine and sequential gearbox as is; even the driveshafts didn’t need any change. The fuel tank becomes eliminated and changed via a fuel cell, sitting underneath the hood just ahead of the front axle. The intercooler is placed low, almost below floor degree, and is fed air from the auto’s underside, way to a little plate that facilitates direct a few airflows to it. To top matters off, actually, the Polo’s shell was added.

Calling the Polo RX rear-engined is not absolutely accurate, though. The engine actually sits forward of the rear axle, making this Polo even more appropriate because it’s mid-engined. Desirable because, even as the Polo Cup car had a front-to-rear weight balance of 65:35, this monster is far closer to neutral, with a forty-five:55 balance. Luckily, the fuel cellular only holds around 25-30 liters of fuel, so the weight stability would not alternate too notably in the direction of the quiet of a song day consultation.

We had been undoubtedly itching to get at the back of the Polo RX wheel while we first walked up to it within the pit lane at MMRT. Then, we got to revel in it from the passenger seat.… And looking at VW Motorsport’s resident check motive force Karthik Tharani wrestles the little Polo around and fast helped us understand the Polo RX is not for amateurs. Despite the huge grins we had when we climbed out of it, it’s a severe little racecar. It may also simply be the maximum critical VW Motorsport has ever created. It’s warmer and louder in there than any of the others because all that sits among you and the engine is a slice of steel and a foot-and-a-1/2 of air. It’s also inherently snappier, needing sharp reflexes to trap.

With more weight at the rear, it desires to switch ends if you deliver too much pace right into a corner. And with all that torque going to the rear wheels, it desires to do it once more if you get too much at the throttle getting out of a corner. As it stands, it is like an in reality frustrated move-kart. But the coolest information is that on just the second day of testing and with minor setup adjustments, we’re informed it turned into getting less difficult and extra rewarding to stroll that tight rope.

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