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World Cup 2022: FIFA says 48 group match ‘viable’

Football World Cup

World Cup 2022: FIFA says 48 group match ‘viable’


The top of football’s world governing body, FIFA, has said a decision on whether or not to expand the 2022 World Cup from 32 to 48 teams may be made in June. The FIFA Council met in Miami on Friday and discussed the consequences of feasibility. Take a look at the opportunity of expanding the tournament. FIFA president Gianni Infantino said the observation showed that growing the competition’s scale to forty-eight teams was possible, “offering sure situations are met.

Infantino also started doing so, which would require some neighboring countries to share hosting obligations. FIFA changed into “running very intently” with Qatar to discover the possibility of tournament growth. “We will flow to the following level; we will explore who could potentially be web hosting some of the Games in the Gulf regions,” Infantino said. “And if we come to some conclusions in June, we will make an offer to the Council and to the Congress, who is our ultimate decision-making frame, who will offer the final selection in this subject matter.


Qatar was offered the right to host the 2022 World Cup, the primary ever to be held with the aid of a nation within the Middle East, back in 2010. A spokesperson for you. S .’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, which oversees planning and infrastructure of the 2022 event, stated Friday that Qatar has been open to discussing the opportunity for growth considering the remaining year and had continually desired to make sure the event belonged “to the whole Arab World and the Middle East.

We will see paintings with FIFA to decide whether or no longer a viable running model does exist and, importantly, whether it’s miles within the best hobbies for football and the event, and Qatar because the host state,” the spokesperson delivered. “After those consultations, the final selection can be made using Qatar and FIFA. Until we attain that conclusion, we can continue to paint in the direction of web hosting a 32-team World Cup in 2022 hosted within Qatar’s country.

World soccer’s governing frame had already agreed that the 2026 match to be held together using the United States, Canada, and Mexico, will feature forty-eight teams — although that choice turned into made earlier than the bidding procedure had concluded. FIFA has reportedly diagnosed stadia in Kuwait, Oman, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain as feasible World Cup venues, and the 2022 match will be accelerated.

The ongoing diplomatic impasse among the 2022 World Cup host and many of its Gulf and Middle East pals means Kuwait and Oman are probably the most straightforward realistic options as ability co-hosts. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Egypt reduced diplomatic, economic, and tour ties with Qatar in 2017 after accusing it of helping terrorism. Qatar has vehemently denied the allegation.

Qatar has already begun constructing seven new stadiums, renovating another venue, and building infrastructure such as new roads and delivery systems for the event. A host of NGOs and human rights businesses wrote to FIFA in advance this week stressing that any us that could potentially be considered as a 2022 co-host needs to meet FIFA’s personal human rights requirements.

Infantino also announced Friday that a new Club World Cup might start in 2021 and that the video assistant referee (VAR) gadget could be used inside the Women’s World Cup in France later this year. The new Club World Cup would update the Confederations Cup, which currently takes place the year before each FIFA World Cup, and would feature 24 club facets.

However, a European Club Association spokesman, representing Europe’s leading club facets, informed the AFP news corporation that “ECA clubs will not participate within the Club World Cup in 2021 and could check participation in the Club World Cup in 2024.” The current Club World Cup takes place each December and consists of seven teams from six confederations.

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