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Back from California, women’s tennis to play domestic video games towards Bowdoin, Wesleyan

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Back from California, women’s tennis to play domestic video games towards Bowdoin, Wesleyan


The No. 8 Tufts ladies tennis group (3–2, 2–zero NESCAC) returned from their spring ride to the Southern California final Sunday. The team becomes at the flow With five games every week across the Los Angeles region. On March 23, Tufts fell to No. Four Pomona-Pitzer 7–2 inside the crew’s final spring wreck match-up. All three doubles fits have been close-run activities, with Tufts dropping via no greater than points. With the degree set after a sweep inside the doubles, Pomona clinched the win with victories on the No. 2 and 3 positions. Despite the team’s defeat, first-years Caroline Garrido and Nicole Frankel recorded victories in singles in 3 sets for Tufts.

I did no longer get to play many singles before that day, so I was truely pumped to play,” Frankel stated. “Everyone else completed earlier than me, and so my team turned into watching me in shape; there was some pleasure and cheering and the good sort of strain.” Sophomore Patricia Obeid spoke about Frankel’s standout performance and the exhilaration of looking at her play. “I became very inspired using the manner she played that day; she became obtainable for some time. It was fascinating to cheer her on, at the very least. I’d say she became the standout player of the day,” Obeid stated.


A day earlier than that, the Jumbos won their fit in opposition to NESCAC opponents and No. Five-ranked Williams. The Ephs were semifinalists in closing year’s national event. In an inspiring upset, the Jumbos beat the Ephs, finishing a 28-year widespread drought towards the Ephs, courting back to 1991. The No. 1 doubles pair, made out of the first-year standout stars Maggie Dorr and Garrido, received their match 8–three in opposition to Williams’ senior Leah Bush and junior Chloe Henderson, the 8th-quality duo within the United States at the cease of the fall season.

The victory lifted the crew’s hopes and confidence and carried the team through the suit. Frankel rapidly defeated her opponent 6–four,  6–2. Senior Tomo Iwasaki received her fit 7–6, 6–2 at the second position, putting the Jumbos up 4–1. No. Three Obeid received her in shape 6–three, 6–1, clinching the Jumbos’ victory. On March 19, the Jumbos faced the No. 2 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Athenas, losing nine–0. Doubles duo Riley and Lowry placed the most factors in a match, losing by using the best two points, 8–6. The Athenas, who were the final 12 months’ Div. III champions verified their superiority inside the suit.

The group’s California saga started with a difficult-fought five–four-win towards Redlands Bulldogs of Redlands, Calif. The Jumbos lost two of their three suits on the doubles in front. For the first 12 months, No. 6 Anna Lowy and junior Kat Riley have been the Jumbos winners’ sole doubles winners. The Jumbos won their first singles in shape courtesy of Lowy 6–1, 6–0 to a degree, the overall suit rating at 2–2. Iwasaki gained her suit, prevailing in the first set in tiebreakers (7–three) and finishing the second set 6–1.

Iwasaki’s victory tied the team with the Bulldogs 3–3. The closing three suits of the day were excessive games of trap and chase at No. Three, Obeid beat opponent Jackie Lacy in tiebreakers 7–2, earning the Jumbos’ first lead of the day at four–three. Riley, the No. 4 seed, misplaced her opponent Karen Kobayashi in tiebreakers 6–four. At No. 5, Kiara Rose clinched the win for the Jumbos and her suit, also going into tiebreakers, 6–2.

Obeid commented on her teammates gambling each unmarried and doubles fit. “Our educate [Kate Bayard] does now not need us, the players, to realize what we’re gambling earlier because she does not need us to consider it too much,” Obeid said. “Coach Bayard will commonly let us recognize the day of the in shape what we’re playing. This approach makes me feel because if she tells us earlier, then you are left questioning why you’re positioned wherein she placed you. When you’re stepping onto the court docket, and the coach tells you the final minute what you are playing, there may be no time to consider her selection, and all you have to do is pay attention to what you’re approximately to do at the court docket.

According to Frankel, while the crew had some spare time for the ride duration, they could practice on public courts around the Los Angeles vicinity to refine their competencies. “We ground available,” Frankel stated. “We practiced a bunch of doubles and as a group. We also played a bit of Queen of the Courtroom [a fun tennis game] and some hitting practice, so we ought to get inside the groove.

Nevertheless, the experience also had a chilling aspect; at some point in their unfastened time, the gamers might devour collectively and go to famous websites around Los Angeles. Frankel spoke about the bonding stories she had during the journey. “I feel like we were given to know each other lots better because we spent lots of time together off the courtroom, from time to time making day trips around Cali.

We went to Laguna Beach at some point, after which any went to Newport Beach,” Frankel stated any other day. “It was my first time in Cali, so it became all interesting.” Tufts plays convention rival and No. 10-ranked Bowdoin on Friday at 3 p.m. At the Voute Tennis Courts, accompanied by some other home healthy in opposition to Wesleyan on Sunday at the same time.

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