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Further claims of corruption made towards AIBA from Rio Olympics


Further claims of corruption made towards AIBA from Rio Olympics


As the Worldwide Boxing Affiliation (AIBA) keeps to warfare with controversy and convincing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of its region in the Tokyo Games in 2020, the French newspaper Le Monde has claimed evidence of corruption in the Rio 2016 boxing event. The AIBA’s governance, financial control, and integrity of its competitions are the various issues presently being assessed by the IOC. Reliant on the final results may cause the IOC to strip AIBA of the right to organize the Olympic boxing tournament in Tokyo.

Le Monde and Bulgarian newspaper Bulgaria Today say they obtained evidence of corruption in a recording of a smartphone communication between a judge and a member of the Mongolian group of workers. The papers allege that a decision informing the Mongolian professional inside the transmission might require $250,000 (€220,000) if they desired their fighter to qualify for the last. According to the Le Monde source, cash was no longer paid over. The Mongolian boxer lost his semifinal the day after today after close combat.

Further claims of corruption made towards AIBA from Rio Olympics 1

Irish Bantamweight world champion Michael Conlan became involved in one of Rio’s most debatable contestsaving appeared to dominate the 1 / 4-final towards Vladimir Nikitin, the about changed given to the Russian, who became unable to participate in his semifinal due to the accidents inflicted by Conlan’s means. In the last 12 months, The Irish Times suggested that in a professional three-page document from Irish boxing group manager Joe Hennigan, Irish management was knowledgeable during the boxing opposition that fights on the video games have been fixed.

It further claimed that Conlan’s medal hopes were “lwere before he stbeforehe ring. Coach Zaur Antia, a local Georgian who can communicate Russian turned into, stated Hennigan, informed using one of the Russian coaches, that Conlan’s medal and others had already been determined. The Russian coach in question has now not been named within the file. All 36 referees and judges used at the Rio Games have been sidelined in the AIBA research.

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