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Now you can use WhatsApp on any characteristic phone going for walks on KaiOS


Now you can use WhatsApp on any characteristic phone going for walks on KaiOS


WhatsApp is one of the maximum popular social messaging apps inside the world with a user base of over 1.Five billion users. Today it is available on each platform to be your telephone or web. But until now feature cellphone customers could not use this popular app on their telephones thanks to the unavailability of help for telephones running on KaiOS. But that is approximately to change as the Facebook-owned social messaging app has ultimately launched a new edition of WhatsApp that could allow all feature telephone users to get admission to the app on their smartphones.
To be clear, up until now only the users of the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2 may want to use WhatsApp on their characteristic phones. Both those feature phones run on KaiOS. The capability became first added in India in September closing year and now it is being elevated to different function phones internationally, along with Africa, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
Apart from the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2, the KaisOS-powered feature telephones on the way to get the WhatsApp update to consist of – Cat B35, Doro 7060, MTN Smart, Multilaser ZAPP, Nokia 8110 or the Banana Phone, Orange Sanza, and Positivo P70S.
With the cutting-edge replace, function phones strolling on KaiOS and sporting either 256MB RAM or 512MB RAM will be able to assist the app.
“KaiOS has been a vital accomplice in supporting us deliver private messaging to smart feature telephones round the arena. Providing WhatsApp on KaiOS facilitates to bridge the virtual hole to connect buddies and own family in a simple, reliable and secure way.” WhatsApp COO, Matt Idema said in a declaration.
While Facebook is already available on KaiOS powered phones available in India, Africa, Europe, and other Asia-Pacific international locations, starting the 0.33 sector of this 12 months, all the feature telephones that run on KaiOS will come with include WhatsApp pre-hooked up upon shipment.
Separately, WhatsApp is operating on a new feature, that would allow iPhone users to preview their voice messages earlier than sending. According to a record by WABetaInfo, the feature continues to be in the developmental cellphone and it is possible that WhatsApp will rollout this selection with the rollout of iOS thirteen in fall this yr.

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