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Don’t Miss Any of the 2022 NFL Games! Here Is How All You Could Watch Sunday Night Football


Don’t Miss Any of the 2022 NFL Games! Here Is How All You Could Watch Sunday Night Football


What is the easiest way to watch Sunday night football? Yes, the highest-quality Sunday Night Football stream is available directly from NBC with a cable or satellite subscription. With the television provider username and password, you could also log in and watch the game from NBCSports.com or the NBC Sports app.

Is it just that? Of course, NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service also streams every Sunday Night Football game. However, NBC isn’t available to stream everywhere. NBCUniversal also holds broadcast rights to Sunday Night Football online, so you need a qualifying cable or satellite subscription for the official stream.

So when does the SNF 2022 start? The NFL season will kick off on September 8, 2022, with the match between the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams. The first match will be played on September 11 between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys. The schedule is available on nbcsports.com and is also easily accessible from Google.

NFL Games

Sunday Night Football Streaming Online:

Step 1: Go to nbcsports.com in any browser you like.

Step 2: Take Sunday night football from the NFL.

Step 3: Any live programming should be clicked; you should sign in with your cable provider.

Step 4: Choose a television service.

Step 5: Log in using the username and password for your cable or satellite provider.

If you have a valid subscription plan, you can watch live programming, including Sunday Night Football, or stream from mobile apps with a good cable, TV provider, or satellite subscription.

How to stream Sunday Night Football on a Mobile phone:

Yeah, the NBC Sports app is available on Android and iOS phones. You could only access clips and video-on-demand (VOD) content without a current membership. But with a valid subscription, you could get live television. And this is how you can acquire it:

  1. Download the NBC Sports app.
  2. Access the app and select Menu.
  3. Click NBC Sports. Join Now
  4. Click “Select Provider.”
  5. Tap proceed After selecting your TV provider.
  6. Please tap on the live match from the Sunday Night Football game to watch it.

In addition to the NBC website and app, you can stream SNF on the NBCUniversal Peacock streaming service with a Peacock premium or membership. Peacock is available on multiple platforms and devices, including web browsers, Android TVs, Apple TVs, and more.

Other Oline Streaming services:

Alternatives for expensive cable and television subscriptions could be live-streaming television websites. Although the local availability of live network television may be constrained, most internet live streamings include the main networks, such as NBC, Fox, and ABC.

Here are some of the online live-streaming television options:

1. Hulu TV

The best streaming service is Hulu, which includes live streaming options from ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NBC. As a result, you may watch all the Sunday Night Football games you want to watch online. The live streams are of high quality. With the free trial, you can view the first few matches for free.

2. Sling TV

Sling is the simplest and most affordable way to watch live Sunday Night Football. Sling TV, which does not require a cable subscription, provides live game streaming through its app. Due to a collaboration with NBC, Sling TV now includes NBC and Sunday Night Football. A seven-day free trial is indeed available.

3. FuboTV

Although not very well known, Fubo is one of the complete NFL streaming services accessible, with fair pricing and no commitments. Since Sunday Night Football is accessible in most places and is included in their entry-level packages, one could watch it on Fubo. Additionally, there is a free trial.

4. DirecTV Stream

In the US, DirecTV offers several streaming multichannel television services named DirecTV Stream. On DIRECTV every Sunday, you can watch the complete game of your favorite NFL team. You could watch TV or stream it on your phone or computer.

5. YouTube TV

Live TV, on-demand programming, and cloud-based DVR are all available through the streaming television service YouTube TV, which provides access to over 100 television networks. All the local networks you require to watch NFL games, including NBC, Fox, and CBS, are available on YouTube TV.

Stream Sunday Night Football from other Nations

Sunday Night Football games are available to UK NFL fans weekly on the Sky Sports NFL Channel, which they may view with a Sky TV subscription.

The international subscription service provides live game broadcasts and the choice to watch the full broadcast whenever you want or a truncated broadcast that only features the plays. Live broadcasts of games begin at 1:20 in the morning UK time.

You may use a VPN to access the channels and enjoy SNF if you live in a country where you can’t access your channel subscriptions or if they aren’t available.

Sunday Night Football Schedule:

Don’t miss any of your favorite Sunday Night Football games. Here are the dates of the 2022 SNF games.

Kickoff Buffalo Bills versus Los Angeles Rams 9/8/22

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Dallas Cowboys 9/11/22
  2. Chicago Bears versus Green Bay Packers 9/18/22
  3. San Francisco 49ers versus Denver Broncos 9/25/22
  4. Kansas City Chiefs versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10/2/22
  5. Cincinnati Bengals versus Baltimore Ravens 10/9/22
  6. Dallas Cowboys versus Philadelphia Eagles 10/16/22
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers versus Miami Dolphins 10/23/22
  8. Green Bay Packers versus Buffalo Bills 10/30/22
  9. Tennessee Titans versus Kansas City Chiefs 11/6/22
  10. Los Angeles Chargers versus San Francisco 49ers 11/13/22
  11. Cincinnati Bengals versus Pittsburgh Steelers 11/20/22
  12. New England Patriots versus Minnesota Vikings 11/24/22
  13. Green Bay Packers versus Philadelphia Eagles 11/27/22
  14. Indianapolis Colts versus Dallas Cowboys 12/4/22
  15. Kansas City Chiefs versus Denver Broncos 12/11/22
  16. New England Patriots versus Las Vegas Raiders 12/18/22
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Arizona Cardinals 12/25/22
  18. Los Angeles Rams versus Los Angeles Chargers 1/1/23

Wrapping Up

For a historic ninth straight year, Sunday Night Football on NBC was the top primetime television program across all significant criteria for the 2019–20 TV season. For the tenth straight TV season, Sunday Night Football was recognized as the No. 1 program in the highly desired 18-49 demographic.

The average Total Audience Delivery for NBC Sunday Night Football in 2021 was 19.3 million viewers. As there are many other viewers too, quite a large number of people watch Sunday Night Football.

With the NBC apps, you will get notifications for Sunday football, Sunday night football today, and Sunday night football tonight and watch high-quality streamings without missing any games.

Numerous pirate websites stream Sunday Night Football; however, they have not been mentioned above or recommended due to their severe viruses and fraud.

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