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Breakout Games is hiding $100 bills throughout Louisville. Here’s how you may locate them

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Breakout Games is hiding $100 bills throughout Louisville. Here’s how you may locate them


Now there are easier ways for you to buy and sell PS3 games. Maybe you completed the game or got sick of it and want to get rid. Or maybe you don’t like paying full price for a game and would rather wait until you can buy it pre-owned. Either way, it can now all be done easily over the Internet.

Sometimes it is not always possible to get to your local high-street gaming shop to trade in your games. Selling or buying games online is, for most gamers, a cheaper time-saving option. There are now many services on the Internet, some with well-known high-street names, that allow you to buy and sell second-hand PS3 games. Most titles are available to buy second-hand within a matter of weeks of them being officially released.

Breakout Games is hiding $100 bills throughout Louisville. Here's how you may locate them 1

The newer they are, the more they will cost but still much cheaper than buying a sealed box from a supermarket twice the price. Surprisingly good prices can be gotten if you are selling your preowned PS3 games. To find out how much a used game is worth, just visit one of the popular sites. These are all listed in the link below for convenience. When you visit one of the sites, simply search for the game to get a quote for how much they will pay you for it. If you choose to accept, you have to post the game to them then wait for the cash to arrive. Most of them do free UK delivery.

Selling your preowned games is a good idea for a few reasons: It frees up space, it sorts out your collection of games and weeds out the stuff you don’t use, it raises money to put towards a new game or at least another preowned one! Many gamers keep hold of games for various reasons, keeping them just if they or their mates want to play on these old games again, but mostly they work their way to the bottom of the pile and get forgotten on top of all the new games.

There are so many new games coming out and being bought that old games are easily forgotten. This is exactly why it is best to get rid of and trade in your preowned games as soon as possible, partially because you’ll get more money for it but also because it tidies your collection. Buying second-hand PS3 games, on the other hand, can be a great way to grow a collection. If you are a collector and have space and taste, then you could build a library of games for a fraction of the price than if you bought them new.

It is quite popular for gamers to buy 2 or 3 used games in one go because they are so cheap. At these prices, you would potentially always have a new game to play and could be very selective about which ones to keep and which ones to sell on again. Build, sort, and make money from your collection of games by visiting the link below. Never be short of a new world to play in ever again!

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