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How to avoid being hit with great when cycling in French towns


How to avoid being hit with great when cycling in French towns


It’s now not clean to stay on the proper side of the myriad French laws regarding biking—as Paris’ deputy mayor discovered these days when he was fined for wearing earphones. Deputy Paris mayor Emmanuel Gregoire later sheepishly confessed on Twitter that he failed to recognize the new rulemaking cyclists responsible for a €one hundred thirty-five first-class for using while carrying an audio headset. So, considering that even the politicians can not keep up, what do cyclists want to do to live out of hassle on French roads?


When biking in France, remember to ensure your motorbike is properly ready: it should have a white light on the front, a crimson one on the back, and a bell with 50-meter range pedals with orange reflectors. You also want to remember that when cycling at night (and while visibility is awful), you must put on a high-visibility vest and avoid cycling two abreast. Do not use your cell cellphone and cycle simultaneously, or you could be fined €35.

Since July 2015, there have been no earphones when biking has been banned because an audio headset cuts cyclist off from their environment and is a distraction when on the roads. We are the most effective country to make it an offense,” Charles Maguin, president of the association Paris en Selle, a cycling enterprise inside the French capital, advised the French press.

Meanwhile, cyclists can wear audio headsets for hearing aids and emergency motors. Priorité à Droite, One of the most complex cycling components overseas, can be understanding which symptoms apply to you and, of the route, what they imply. If you want to recollect, one of the most critical ones explained by Jon Lethbridge from Loire Life Cycling is the purple triangle with a cross that appears while drawing near a junction.

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