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Ice Crush 2 Apk – Game Review

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Ice Crush 2 Apk – Game Review


Ice Crush 2 Apk is another of the numerous Facebook clone programs out there. It is a clone of Fruit Ninja, and like the latter program, it can be downloaded from Facebook’s official site for free. The point of this review is to find out whether or not Ice Crush 2 Apk is worth your money, and if so, which version is best. After all, this game is the second one in the series, so it should stand out more than the first one.

Ice Crush 2


To start with, let me tell you what Ice Crush 2 Apk is not. It does not steal content from Fruit Ninja, nor does it attempt to do the same with its gameplay. The game plays just as it always has, which means it is just as hard to beat as the former. However, it also does have more features than the previous game. These features make it a fun game to play.

Let’s start with the story. You find out that a giant robot has been sent on a mission from the Earth to destroy all humans, and you are charged with protecting humanity from it. This mission gets interrupted by two robots who decide to crash the ice castle instead, so you are forced to join forces with these robots to stop the threat.

Before I go any further, I want to touch on the different game modes and levels that come with Ice Crush 2 Apk. The game comes with two difficult settings and several hidden objects and characters to discover throughout each level. For example, there are some levels where you will battle an army of zombies while the objective is to save the humans living in the castle. Other levels are puzzle-type, where you have to use objects in the environment to help you complete a level and avoid being defeated.

One interesting feature of Ice Crush 2 Apk is the level editor. When you first play the game, you don’t actually have access to any tools or levels. However, once you progress through the game, various objects are dropped into the environment, and you will need to use them to create things like towers, bridges, and other structures. So, as you progress through the game, you will be unlocking more levels and objects, allowing you to build up your own base of operations, build more defenses, and continue your mission. When you fail a level, you will have to restart it from the beginning, which forces you to think quickly to create a solution or finish the level before your time expires.

Overall, Ice crush 2 Apk is one of the best computer games available right now. It provides an excellent challenge, it is fun for people of all ages, and you can build your own base of operations and protect it like you would in a real-life situation. While the game does require some computer skill, the amount of effort required to get the job done is really worth the price. There are tons of levels, many of which are built around a storyline, and you can even replay some levels over again if you like. If you enjoy getting your ducks in a row, then you will love playing this version of the popular simulation.

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