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Inside Monster Hydro’s involvement in biking


Inside Monster Hydro’s involvement in biking


Effective. Convenient. Tasty. And backed via a logo, this is primarily backing biking. Monster Hydro is a new hydration drink used this season by using the likes of the Arapahoepro biking groups and riders Phil Gaimon, Dirty Kanza 200 winner Amity Rockwell, 3-time US cyclocross champion Stephen Hyde and American race legend Rahsaan Bahati. Packed with electrolytes, nutrients, and caffeine, Monster Hydro is specific to different sports activities liquids. Monster Hydro makes the perfect end bottle in training and racing,” stated Elevate-KHS rider Sam Piccoli. “The raise from the caffeine and electrolytes shall we I dig deeper whilst the going gets difficult.

Inside Monster Hydro’s involvement in biking 1

Beyond offering riders what they want on the motorcycle, Monster has also stepped up in a main manner to offer the game much wanted sponsorship. Race lovers at the Tour of Utah will advantage from Monster’s sponsorship of the queen level. And all cyclists have to notice that Monster subsidized the ladies’ handbag at the Belgian Waffle Ride – which became larger than the men’s prize purse.

It’s remarkable to look a logo like Monster Hydro pass into cycling in a time when absolutely everyone else seems to be leaving,” stated two-time US cyclocross countrywide champion Stephen Hyde. Monster isn’t the primary principal electricity drink business enterprise to get into biking; Red Bull has been worried about sponsoring riders and activities within the area for years. But not like Red Bull, Monster labored with riders and different endurance athletes to create a dedicated sports hydration drink – and no longer simply marketplace the prevailing product.

Monster Energy’s country-wide distribution makes it clean for professionals and everyday riders. Unlike many specialty products that may be difficult to discover, Monster Hydro is available at many country-wide comfort shop chains — that’s indeed handy for riders out on long rides. I’m excited to have Monster Energy come on board the Arapahoeteam with their new product Monster Hydro as it’s far continually a plus to have a big organization input the gap with a product that athletes could really use,” stated group founder George Hincapie. “We’re glad to be at the floor with their new Hydro logo as they look to develop inside the staying power area.

“I like to start a trip with one bottle of Hydro and one bottle of water. It’s a perfect amount of caffeine that receives me going,” Gaimon said. “When you forestall mid-trip, in case you examine the sports liquids at a comfort shop, Hydro has real sugar as opposed to corn syrup and purified water, which truely makes it the fine alternative in that category. It’s cool to look at any important logo entering the cycling market, and Monster actually was given the product right.

KHS-Elevate’s Sam Bassetti has appreciated Hydro for criteriums particularly.

On the last day of Tulsa Tough, it became hot and humid. For the quick crit I used Monster Hydro in my bottles due to the fact I knew it had everything I wished for the fast, severe effort with water, electrolytes, and caffeine,” Bassetti stated. “Having Monster Hydro come into the biking space is truely exciting. There is lots of passion for recreation at the back of this emblem, and we are very fortunate to have a business enterprise with that passion step up and help biking. It’s been exceptional working with them to this point and Tour of Utah can be a top-notch possibility for anyone to see what Monster Hydro is all about.”

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