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World War II veteran, ninety five, is strolling across the United States — for a 2nd time


World War II veteran, ninety five, is strolling across the United States — for a 2nd time


When strolling around his community failed to reduce it, 95-12 months-vintage Ernie Andrus was determined to dash throughout the USA. I began stepping three days per week. However, it is the identical vintage thing,” the World War II veteran advised CBS News. “And I simply was a bit bored.” On March sixteen, Andrus prompts from Saint Simons Island, Georgia, for San Diego, California, an adventure he expects to complete after turning one hundred.

This isn’t the first time Andrus has made the trek — in 2016, he became the oldest man or woman to ever run across the U.S., dashing from San Diego to Saint Simons Island, a feat that took three years to finish. Andrus uses his runs to deliver attention to the LST 325 Ship Memorial in Evansville, Indiana. During World War II, 1,051 LSTs were used to carry systems and troops; now, the LST 325 is the best one left. It is completely operational. Andrus served on a ship like this at some point in the war, and his goal was to raise enough cash to get the LST 325 to Normandy for a D-Day memorial.

World War IIA brand new Quinnipiac University poll has discovered that most girls may not vote for President Trump in 2020. In a survey launched by Quinnipiac on Thursday, 60 percent of girls electorate stated they might “truly now not” vote for Trump in the 2020 election, assuming he will become the Republican nominee, as The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent flagged. This is compared to 27 percent of ladies who stated they might certainly vote for him. Another 10 percent said they might keep voting for him in mind, while three percent were not certain.

Among citizens, on average, 53 percent stated they might now not vote for Trump in 2020, even as 30 percent stated they sincerely might, and 13 percent said they’d consider it. This is comparable to some recent polls, including one from the Post in January, wherein 64 percent of girls said they surely would not vote for Trump in 2020, with 20 percent announcing they absolutely could and 15 percent saying they’d recall it. Compared to this, Quinnipiac’s ballot is a mild development.

Exit polls from the 2016 election showed that approximately 41 percent of women voted for Trump, although he earned fifty-two percent of the assist from white ladies, in step with the Post. In November, an Axios poll showed sixty-four percent of women have a negative view of the president. Quinnipiac’s ballot will be carried out via Skype with 1,358 voters over the smartphone from March 21 to 25. The margin of error is three. Three percentage factors: Nothing ruins a trip pretty like a canceled flight, but how approximately a canceled airline? Wow, Air, the iconic pink-crimson Icelandic provider regarded for eye-popping cheap flights to and around Europe, folded on Thursday, leaving price tag-retaining clients stranded at their gates without refunds or, properly, flights.

Just located out approximately this information,” tweeted one such passenger-to-be, who was caught at Newark Liberty Airport. “They failed even to notify any folks directly, needed to discover from Twitter and Reddit. At the pinnacle of the Wow Air internet site on Thursday, users ought to discover a banner announcing, “WOW AIR has ceased operation. All WOW AIR flights were canceled.” Stranded passengers have been cautioned to look for flights on different airways

Some airlines may offer flights at a reduced price, s.o-known as rescue fares, in light of the situations.” Wow went on. But at the gates, passengers described scenes of chaos and confusion. One visitor looking to hop from Toronto to Reykjavik on Wow Air told CNN Business, “This without a doubt scared all and sundry; at that point, we were sooner or later given back our luggage and no cash as of now. Has been issued returned to me.” Accommodations and refunds have not been provided.

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