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PICS: Meet Mr Muscles – a 70-yr-old bodybuilder from Cape Town

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PICS: Meet Mr Muscles – a 70-yr-old bodybuilder from Cape Town


Dennis Titus is probably in his seventies; however, he’s been given no plans to slow down his health. In truth, this Cape Town marketer, who has become an avid soccer participant for decades, spends lots of his time in the health club. Still, his handiest these days started out taking component in bodybuilding competitions. May, his wife of 49 years, says he’s very devoted and disciplined. He turned into already mister muscular tissues after I met him. His friend, Melvin Moses, did bodybuilding and asked him to participate nicely.

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She adds that Dennis is honestly pretty shy and doesn’t like revealing his body. It all occurred coincidentally. Dennis just went to help Melvin in a bodybuilding competition. He changed into a taking component in Mitchell’s Plain, while the master of ceremonies asked for three strong men out of the audience. His buddies recommended he move on the level and strut his stuff. Dennis, the next component they knew, walked away with a 2d prize inside the senior class. Little did he recognize this changed into most effective the beginning of larger things to return.

It took a great deal of convincing from pals and family, however eventually, Dennis caved and decided to enter the South African Natural Bodybuilding Association bodybuilding championships – a competition for amateur bodybuilders. Dennis educated David Isaacs, a former bodybuilding champion at the Athlone Training College, to compete. I’ve got a hip substitute, and I had a spinal fusion with two bolts in my backbone. That’s why I no longer decided to compete in bodybuilding competitions,” he says. But Dennis turned into too modest.

He performed extraordinarily well in the master’s class of the competition for human beings over 60. The occasion was held in Bellville, and he gained the first vicinity. And just as he was about to depart the level, the master of ceremonies challenged him to live and take at the winners of the over the forties and fifties categories. The contestants needed to do three specific poses to expose their muscle tissues; however, the crowd went wild for Dennis. They chanted his name and desired him to win.

The three folks needed to fight for the title, and when I won, all I was, came ‘Wow! This is a large trophy plus a bucket complete of supplements. I gained many prizes, and I couldn’t even convey them all,” he laughs.
And how does he inspire himself to still take such good care of his frame at his age? I’ve continually been that man who likes fitness. I’ve played soccer for several teams up until I was 55. After that, I joined the health club to stay in shape,” he says. He gets harassed at paintings, and that’s additionally why he goes to the fitness center.

He said he changed into going to retire at 70, but there’s no preventing him. Besides his health, Dennis has different desires to acquire in his golden years. I need to shop for an automobile to pressure my spouse around, so I’m presently saving for that. I also want to head to my brother and brother-in-regulation in Australia.”

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