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Pakistan to host thirteenth edition of South Asian Bodybuilding Championship

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Pakistan to host thirteenth edition of South Asian Bodybuilding Championship


Pakistan will host the thirteenth edition of the South Asian Bodybuilding Championship early after, President of Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation, Sheikh Farooq Iqbal, announced on Tuesday. We’ve received the bid to hold the event. It may be our effort to keep this excessive-profile occasion in March 2020,” Sheikh informed APP. Several other countries also located the bid for the championship. Still, the General Council Meeting of Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation held in Kathmandu, Nepal ultimate week familiar our bid and allowed us to hold the championship,” he introduced.

The championship usually takes region in June or July; however, we’ve asked the Asian frame that as the weather in Pakistan stays very hot for this period, the event should be held either in March or November. Moreover, because there can be some different global activities taking place in November, we are planning to preserve the championship in March,” he stated. Sheikh said that the federation had requested the government to allow it to maintain the event next year. He expressed his delight with Pakistani bodybuilders’ performance at the recently held 12th South Asian Bodybuilding Championship in Kathmandu. They finished on an excessive, grabbing four medals, along with one gold, one silver, and two bronze. It is a notable fulfillment. Due to their fantastic display at the event, Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) issued us a letter of appreciation on Monday,” Sheikh brought.

Body Building

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