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Afghan Bodybuilders Win South Asian Bodybuilding Title

Body Building

Afghan Bodybuilders Win South Asian Bodybuilding Title


Afghan bodybuilders gained the twelfth South Asian Bodybuilding Championship 2019 in Nepal by way of winning six gold, silver, and 3 bronze medals.
Bodybuilders from 8 South Asian international locations have attended the event.
Abdul Sami Haidari, Sifatullah Hafizi, Gulla Jan, Ahmad Ahmadi, Ahmad Sikandarzada, and Hamidullah Khoshdil were given gold medals within the crowning glory.
Asif Sakhi and Wahidullah Azimi got silver medals while Imam Ali Nabizada, Qasim Husaini and Salim Shah Anwari got bronze medals.
The National Bodybuilding Team has won the championship three instances.
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