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Siegfried Aikman interview: Japan boss on India’s obsession with changing coaches, Asian hockey being in any respect-time low and greater

Asian Games

Siegfried Aikman interview: Japan boss on India’s obsession with changing coaches, Asian hockey being in any respect-time low and greater


The lobby of the Impiana Hotel is cave-like ― darkish, with scattered, worn-out sofas located in the front of the reception. Or, as Siegfried Aikman points out ― like an unstructured hockey group. We pick the give-up of the lobby proper after the escalator. It’s a quiet day on the inn, home to the six teams playing for the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, the critical, annual invitational tournament. Aikman looks hung-over. He commonly offers that influence. Always in a black T-shirt with Mizuno embossed beneath the left shoulder. Mostly unshaven. Yes, he does shave. But coaches are allowed that freedom.

They think, are cerebral (we accept as true with that!) are always looking for weaknesses, seeking to capture that moment in which a fit becomes the wrong way up, poring over statistics and visuals to recognize the opponent or the opposite instruct, or gauge cultural and social problems, or get beneath the pores and skin of 18 very unique individuals on the way to try to win regularly whilst the truth is most effective one team wins a tournament, whichever it is. It’s a robust activity. So, in all that, wherein the hell do you get time to put a razor to pores and skin. And then there may be ambition. Without that, no education is a train.

I am formidable,” says Aikman. That’s his first line. Good, he stated that during case we forgot he’s the man who simplest six months back did what no group outside of Pakistan, India, and South Korea had carried out ― in the guys’ Asian Games hockey gold medal. Trailing 2-5 in the 4th region of the very last towards Malaysia, any instruct might have given up; any team could have believed it changed into an impossible mission. Aikman roused his boys. They drew degree at 5-five, misplaced the lead again at 5-6, drew once more, and beat Malaysia within the shoot-out. It changed into fable stuff. A game that might have been better played on a console than a synthetic pitch.

Asian Games

Aikman still lives that second. It’s the smile that says all of it. Speak approximately world scores, and there is a pause. “The international ratings don’t show the caliber of the team,” says the instruct of a crew that sits at the 18th spot. “It bothers the players. Rankings get sponsorships. Better teams invite us. When turned into the closing time, India invited us?” But Aikman doesn’t sit down and play the blame sport for too lengthy. “In Japan, the Asian Games isn’t a big deal. When we flew returned to Japan after winning, there was no one at the airport except some officials. I could see a few players have been upset. They should have puzzled about the sport.

But I think that was good. I advised the group appreciation received’t come at any cost. You got to earn it. Be formidable. Act like a champion. Win huge.” The Japanese group has no investment. Till only lately, the players who attended selection camp had to pay for his or her travel and boarding additionally. Universities didn’t let college students pass for camps because ‘hockey’ wasn’t crucial. And the ones in jobs needed letters earlier than their groups let them go and that too without pay. Now the team has a sponsor.

The coverage employer Sompo ― additionally the women’s team sponsor ― is now inclined to open the purse a chunk wider to house the guys. Before the Asian Games, the media used to return, watch the girls’ hockey crew train, and then when the guys’ group came on, they commonly walked off. Now they document at the team. Aikman says, “It’s approximately belief, conviction and getting there grade by grade. It’s all approximately high overall performance planning. Recently we beat Argentina. And we can now focus on qualifiers in Bhubaneswar because winning there would mean greater international ranking factors.

India and Japan are tipped to play the final at Bhubaneswar. Japan has already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics because of the host. Winning the gold at Asian Games then ended the again-door access argument. For a man whose high-quality grandfather got here from Lucknow and splendid grandmother changed into from Bihar (they met on a boat to Surinam), India will usually have a soft spot. Pakistan too. “Without each these countries, hockey received’t live. Pakistan is wanted at the top degree. They aren’t gambling any tournaments, and now they could even slip to twentieth inside the global scores.

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