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‘Rape Day’ online game sparks outrage

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‘Rape Day’ online game sparks outrage


South Africans were advised to stand for women in the banning of an arguably video game, Rape Day.
The online game changed into the set to release in South Africa next month and it reputedly makes use of a zombie mass destruction scenario that encourages gamers to be serial rapists who sexually attack women to enhance to the subsequent recreation level.
According to the developers, the game is a “pick your personal journey visible novel”.
Last year distributor Steam became effectively persuaded to have a faculty-taking pictures sport eliminated from its platform and it has opted out of web hosting Rape Game as it consists of violence, sexual attack, non-consensual intercourse, necrophilia, incest and the murdering of toddlers.
This has given rise to a web petition by means of a thousand Women Trust, with the assist of Avon, that is circulating on the net to assist trade the country’s regulation if you want to forestall the supply of video games that promote violence towards women and kids.

Avon spokesperson Katlego Modipane said the petition might be accessed on www.My.Avon.Co.Za/stand for her, and will day after today be taken to Minister of Women inside the Presidency Bathabile Dlamini and the UN to take a stand against the online game.
“As a business enterprise we stand for ladies and we’re absolutely disgusted by way of this video game; this is why we’ve determined to gather with the 1 000 Women Trust in calling on South Africans and other accountable businesses to help and percentage the online petition with their respective communities to discredit this online game.”
Many social media customers also argued that this kind of content could be the primary reason for the giant prevalence of rape and sexual assault in ordinary life.
“A game like this truly undermines the lives of girls and for individuals who would say it’s miles their proper to have to get entry to this form of content material, human rights require anybody to be accountable in voicing our rights. Therefore it might be a large injustice to women in South Africa if this sport is continued,” Modipane stated.
According to facts, South Africa is a number of the countries with the very best number of recorded rape cases, with a total of 124526 cases pronounced inside the last three monetary years.
Furthermore, in 2014/15 there have been 15520 toddler rapes stated with best 1799 that resulted in convictions. The following yr 16389 instances had been suggested with just 2488 cases ending in convictions.
Meanwhile, in 2016/17, the numbers accelerated even further to 19071 and with many rape incidents that pass unreported in the country, a few studies estimate that if all rape cases had been said the figures could be two times as high.